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About Us

The website BridesUniverse is a place where you can find your ideal online date. With a ton of guides, and tips all designed to help you like a personal guidebook through the world of online dating. At BridesUniverse our goal is to help you find your ideal partner by collecting information, interesting facts, and more that can help us to fulfill our mission of creating meaningful connections that can last throughout your entire life. Here at BridesUniverse we understand how important it is to our users to find and connect with someone who shares the same values and interests as you do. Because of this we like to take the time to get to know you on a personal level so you are matched with the best person for you. 

Our team

Here our team at BridesUniverse consists of more than just authors and writers. At BridesUniverse we are proud to say that we have six very talented professionals on our team – Including designers, IT, advertisers, editors, and lawyers. With this combined field of expertise, we can provide our users with the best support we can provide, resources that help single users, and of course our clear and concise guides. From eye-catching and engaging content, captivating designs, and of course excellent marketing campaigns. We can ensure that our editorials are excellent and that our team of diverse members can dedicate themselves to people who are on their dating journey.

Zach Heintzman

Zach Heintzman – CEO

Zach Heintzman grew up as a proverbial “military brat.” His father was a US Air Force officer, and he moved all over the world during his growing years. During each deployment to a different country, Zach attended private international schools where he developed friendships that exposed him to a wide variety of cultures. He also became fluent in four languages. Those years would turn out to be pivotal in his later life.

After high school graduation in Luxembourg, Zach enrolled in UCLA, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in political science, specializing in foreign affairs. He became a translator for the US Immigration Service but didn’t find his job personally fulfilling.

Zach returned to school at Columbia University, earned a Master’s in social work (MSW), and became a certified marriage and relationship counselor. It was during this time that his dream began to take root – starting a business that would bring American men and foreign women together. He also married his high school sweetheart from Bulgaria.

Ultimately, Zach did not form a company that would match men and women. In his research, he discovered that there were loads of disreputable people doing this, and his job was to find the good ones to recommend to seekers of love and marriage.

BridesUniverse was founded for this purpose. In Zach’s words, “I have finally found my career home - finding the very best online platforms for international romance to bloom.”

Martha Coleman

Martha Coleman – Director of Research

Martha comes to BridesUniverse with eight years of investigative research background in the consumer fraud sector. With a degree in criminal justice from the University of Missouri and certification as a fraud examiner (CFE), Martha went to work for a large insurance company in 2014. While her work involved uncovering people who were submitting fraudulent claims, she had always been more interested in companies defrauding people, especially online. 

Ultimately, Martha went to work for a huge online dating service, using her data research skills to develop patterns of fraudulent behavior in those who registered and became users and techniques for identifying and expelling them.

Martha was a natural for our needs, and we snatched her from that dating service for a larger job – researching international online dating services and separating out the good guys from the bad. She now manages a staff of seven researchers and provides research results to our writers who write up our reviews.

Charlie Swanoski

Charlie Swanoski – Relationship Counselor and Writer

Charlie comes to us with a several-year history in relationship counseling. He earned a BA in psychology from the University of Texas and a Master’s in counseling from Florida State. After graduation, he launched his own counseling website and grew his business slowly through word-of-mouth and an active social media presence. 

On that website, Carlie also began to publish articles on relationship health – articles that caught the attention of media outlets that re-published many of them.

Charlie maintains his private practice but now writes for us on a regular basis. We know our users will benefit from his expertise and advice.

Josie Saldana

Josie Saldana – Relationship Coach

Josie began her career after receiving her MSW degree from the University of Colorado. At that time, she joined a large online relationship counseling firm, specializing in issues that couples face in their long-term relationships and marriage.

In addition to her private practice, Josie has also been a frequent contributor of articles on relationship health and improvement to numerous media outlets over the past five years. Upon reading a number of her articles and having conversations with Josie, we have been so lucky to get her as a regular contributor. Our users will find her articles insightful and valuable as they navigate their romantic relationships.

Aeysha Robinson

Aeysha Robinson – Relationship Expert

After earning her Master’s in psychology from the University of Oregon, and completing a clinical internship with a non-profit marriage counseling organization, Aeysha took a position as a court-appointed mediator for divorcing couples. 

Throughout all of this, she came to know that “my real work has to be in prevention, helping couples to build and maintain a healthy relationship and marriage, not after it is broken.” And so, while she explored other career possibilities, she began to write – articles of help and advice to couples at all stages in their relationships. Those articles gained traction and were re-published in many other places.

She has now joined our staff as a writer – and we are thrilled.

Why us?

Dating websites and apps seem to be worth a dime a dozen, so what separates BridesUniverse from the rest? 

First, our team is full of enthusiasts who have a special interest in the world of online dating. By speaking with people, and using references from around the world we can ensure that the research we partake in is based on real life examples.

Second, our website is very simple to use. We understand how many websites and guides will often give confusing or conflicting information, and we like to avoid that. Whether you are looking for a bride from Asia, Europe, or anywhere else in the world. You can be certain that you will be able to find the information that you will need.

How does our site work?

Our goal is to offer our users a broad selection of informative, useful, and up-to-date materials and reviews. This is because online dating platforms work with a number of factors.

    • Popularity. One of the main components of a good dating site is popularity amongst the users. By collecting data on the number of users a site has, we can analyze how long each user visits, how many daily logins are registered, as well as other crucial pieces of information.

    • Simplicity and functionality. Any platform for online dating should be simple and easy to navigate. It should also include a wide range of features that help make the online dating experience as immersive as possible. With this, our goal is to help you find the platforms that can help us to achieve a user-friendly interface. 

    • Reputation. Any good dating site will have a certain level of prestige behind its name. We want to ensure that our website can be compared to other trusted brands, which is why we take our time to review other dating sites that are already well known so we know exactly what to aim for in our branding. 

    • Pricing policy. Although online dating can be expensive at times we believe that it should be affordable. Here we recommend a wide range of sites that are not only trustworthy but affordable as well. This is because the ratio between price and quality is one of the most important factors that keep users on a website. After all, the more time you spend on a site, the more capable that site’s interface is. 

    • Quality of support services. The most important factor above all else for a good dating site or app is the quality of the support services that users are able to receive. It is recommended that you choose sites that offer support in a timely fashion. But the support also needs to be concise and actually help the user fix the issue before it gets out of hand. If a dating app or website is capable of handling the issue quickly and effectively, that is a dating site that we will always recommend as it shows that the support team is sufficiently trained to work with the clients.

Here at BridesUniverse we are proud to say that we are dedicated to creating a community of supportive and excellent customer service reps. Each comment from our users is highly valued and we make it a priority to respond quickly, and offer advice and guidance based on the individual needs of the user. Answering simple questions, recommending other services, or addressing a variety of concerns. We believe that engaging and connecting with our users helps to create an even wider network of support. Our experts are here to assist all of our users through their journey of finding the love of their lives. 

How we rate dating websites

After we have a team of individuals each take the time to use, sign up for, and analyze a dating site it is time for our team to rate it based on the criteria it meets. 

A 5-star rating means that the site is absolutely perfect in our eyes. A perfect rating is very rare as we tend to have multiple members sign up before we give any rating as it is a process based on collaboration. A five-star rated site will have an easy-to-navigate interface, will be high quality yet affordable, and will have a support team that is actually interested in helping the user. 

A 4-star rating usually means that a site almost checks off every aspect of a 5-star rating, but may have missed the mark on one or two aspects. For example, a dating site that has a great support team is high quality, has good affordability, but has a difficult interface to navigate through may receive a 4-star rating instead of a 5 star. 

A 3-star rating may possess the basic fundamentals of a 4 or 5-star rated interface but may be severely lacking in more than one area. 

We will never recommend anything below 2 stars as we find that the 2-star rated dating sites are simply not worth using. We choose to provide information based on our experiences and will cross-reference the experiences our team members have had multiple times before we will give it a ranking and place it on our list of recommended sites. 

How are we different from other similar websites?

We may not offer anything unique or special in our services, however, we are a team of individuals who love and appreciate how online dating brings others together. By collecting information that is useful, and honest we find that we are more than capable of helping others find happiness on the internet.