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Japanese Mail Order Brides: Find Your Amazing Japanese Wife

Our notion of Japanese ladies probably comes from movies we have seen – some classics like “Love is a Many Splendored Thing.”  And in our heads, we have visions of Japanese brides dressed in adorned kimonos for their weddings, being quiet and submissive. We can scrap those notions and images today. Japanese girls are fully immersed in the 21st century in terms of beliefs, values, rights, style, and dress. And they are just drop-dead beautiful. They pursue Western husbands by joining Japanese mail order bride websites. If you are a man intrigued by the thought of capturing a Japanese bride, we have good news for you. This guide will take men through the whole process of seeking, courting, and eventually marrying Japanese brides. Here, you’ll learn how and where to search, all about the modern Japanese woman, what you can expect in cost, and how you can begin a lifelong journey with your perfect love. You can find Japanese brides on the following websites:

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A Few Intriguing Facts About Japanese Brides


Equality in education has hit Japan in full force, especially after World War II. Today, more Japanese girls have university degrees than guys (59 – to 52% respectively). And among all OECD countries, Japanese students consistently outperform their counterparts. Japanese brides will come into a marriage highly educated and ready to be equal partners with their husbands in the financial support of the household.


Traditionally, life was serious for Japanese women, almost austere. One of the biggest changes has been a shift in the attitude of Japanese women for marriage that you will find on mail-order websites. They want to enjoy life and have fun, something that their homeland sometimes frowns upon.

Gender Inequality

Despite the fact that young women have achieved equality with men in many areas, Japan remains a country where men are still dominant. And this is a major reason why Japanese brides on particular sites are looking for marriages with foreign men who have a far more progressive attitude toward equality of the sexes, especially American men.

Pop Culture

You will find that young Japanese brides are very worldly when it comes to fashion, music, art, and ideas. They embrace diversity and want to explore.

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Japanese Mail Order Brides are Popular Today – Here’s Why

Single Japanese women for marriage have many qualities that Western men admire. Here are just a few.

Japanese brides are physically beautiful

While physical beauty does not tell the story of inner beauty, it is probably the first thing that strikes a man about Japanese mail order brides. They have flawless porcelain skin, silky black hair, large brown almond-shaped eyes, and a petite, slim, and hot body. She’s a beauty in any clothing style and wears jeans and sweats just as well as she does cocktail dresses and anything in between.

Japanese wives have an inner beauty

Men will find that Japanese brides come into a marriage with a perfect combination of love, affection, calm, and enthusiasm for the life they look forward to.

Japanese brides are strong and resilient

The ability to meet challenges head-on is in her DNA. She will not submit to drama but, instead, will calmly analyze the situation and find a solution.

What Men Can Expect from Japanese Wives

So many things will men encounter when they capture Japanese women for marriage. If you are lucky enough to meet and marry a Japanese mail order bride, here is what you can expect to have in a wife.

Japanese brides will make a perfect home

When men bring Japanese mail order brides home, they will find that their homes will become quickly organized. This is a holdover from traditional Japanese customs.

Japanese wives are perfect hostesses

Another trait common to all Japanese brides is their skill in entertaining. They plan every party down to the last detail. They can “work” a room, engage in conversation on almost any topic, and generally make everyone feel comfortable.

Japanese wives aim to please 

Despite their need for independence, Japanese brides are “givers” and strive to please everyone around them, especially their husbands. They will cook wonderful meals and make your home warm and comfortable.

Japanese brides are loyal

When men find Japanese women for marriage, they will have loyal partners and lovers who will stick things out through good and bad times. A husband who is unfaithful, though, will lose a lot of trust and support, if not their wife altogether. 

A Japanese woman expects an equal partnership

Today’s Japanese woman marries for life, just like her earlier version, but she expects to be an equal partner in all aspects of that marriage.

Just Why Do Japanese Brides Look for a Foreign Husband?

As mentioned earlier, more and more women are becoming Japanese mail order brides, looking for a partner outside of their home country. To understand why this is the case, you have to understand that, while Japan has become much more gender-equal, females still do not enjoy full equal footing with males. Those who are both educated and progressive in their thinking are more worldly and will seek life outside of the Asian region. Here is what single Japanese women for marriage are looking for:

  • Equality. In Western developed countries, men and women have far more equality, not just socially but in the workplace too. Japanese mail-order wives are looking for a marriage with a man who considers her an equal and will support her career goals too.
  • Compatibility. Japanese brides seek compatibility in the form of shared goals, mutual problem-solving, and fully shared decision-making. They are looking for husbands who share their values but who also believe that openness and compromise are keys to a good marriage.
  • Companionship. Japanese mail order brides seek men with whom they can share interests, hobbies, and activities. They have no intention of going to work, coming home, and staying there while their husbands pursue interests without them. Certainly, they do not want to control their spouse’s activities, but they insist on pursuing some activities together. And they will also pursue some activities by themselves. This is the balance of a healthy marriage.

The Benefits of Online Dating When Seeking Japanese Women for Marriage

You could travel to Japan, find local Japanese organizations, or scope out Japanese student groups at colleges in your search for Japanese brides.

But why not take the more efficient method of using Japanese mail order brides websites? Think about the advantages here:

  • If you find a reputable website for Japanese brides, you have the opportunity to search through many possibilities, chat them up, and find compatible matches before spending lots of money and time doing it on your own.
  • On Japanese mail order brides websites, you are looking at Japanese ladies who are already looking for someone like you. The “filtering” is already done in advance.
  • Using an online Japanese mail order brides website lets you check out a number of potential Japanese brides and have various forms of communication before you choose to meet up.

Japanese Mail Order Bride Sites Love Their Success Stories

If you want some motivation to start looking for, meeting, and landing a Japanese mail order bride, read on.

Gerry and Akari“Gerry joined a Japanese bride website after returning from Japan on business, determined to find a wife. There he met Akari, a museum curator from Kyoto. Their online dating progressed over several weeks as they came to know each other and their shared values and goals. Intimate video chats solidified their love, and their in-person meeting only confirmed what they already knew. We never would have found each other if it had not been for that website, says Gerry.”
Jeff and Kakoru“Jeff found a Japanese bride website following a brief military assignment in that country. He knew what he wanted – a Japanese wife with a blend of the old and the new. Kakoru stood out among those few he began to talk to. They began to chat and were soon sending live streams to each other on a daily basis. Those, along with long video chats, allowed them to form an intimate relationship before they ever met in Osaka for a whirlwind of romantic activities culminating in a traditional wedding ceremony in Japan and followed by a grand reception to introduce his stunning bride to family and friends.”
Skylar and Aiko“As Sklar puts it, anyone who thinks online dating doesn’t work should hear our story. Skylar knew he wanted a Japanese wife, and Aiko, a bank manager in Kobe, knew she wanted a Western husband who would love and support her personal and professional dreams. Were it not for the Japanese bride website they both joined, they would never have met. But they did, and the rest of their story involved an online romance that blossomed through deep conversations, video chats, an eventual in-person final confirmation of their love, and a marriage of 8 years, still going strong.”
Dakota and Chiaki“Dakota knew he wanted a Japanese wife but one who would share his passion for Colorado winter sports. He joined a Japanese bride online dating platform and spoke to his preferences in his profile. Within days, he was chatting with Chiaki, a ski instructor and resort manager in Sapporo. Within a few weeks, they were planning their first in-person meeting. Today, they are married, living their dream lives of love and resort management in Colorado.”

The Advantages of Using Japanese Mail Order Bride Services

Let’s take a minute to review why using Japanese brides mail order websites is better than a broker or an agency. 

  1. There are no upfront fees for using a Japanese mail order wives website. Brokers and agencies charge these fees, there are no guarantees, they don’t have a huge number of potential brides, and many of them are scams.
  2.  Legit Japanese mail order wives websites have a huge supply of women because their membership is free.  Your membership is free too. Your cost only comes when you order specific services on the site.
  3. You can filter your matches and choose how you want to communicate with those Japanese mail-order brides. Choices will include emails, messaging, video chats, live-streaming, and more.
  4. You can communicate with several Japanese mail order wives at the same time and narrow your options down as you discover which ones you are most compatible with. Eventually, you will find the one for you, finish your time on the website, and make your arrangements to meet her in person.

The Cost of Finding and Marrying Japanese Mail Order Wives

You will have online and offline costs as you search and find a Japanese woman to be your wife.

The online cost will be the features and services you choose to buy. Most sites sell credit packages that may run about $70, but you can upgrade them at any time. Other features are sold a la carte and include such things as digital or real gifts.

The big costs come once men decide to visit their chosen Japanese brides in person. This will usually include two trips to Japan, one to make sure that you are right for each other, and the second to meet family, plan a wedding, and make arrangements for that K-1 visa to bring her home. Research these costs and budget accordingly:

  • Travel – two round-trip tickets
  • Accommodations
  • Food and entertainment – lavish and simple
  • Gifts for Japanese brides and for their families

Choosing a Reputable Japanese Mail Order Bride Service

This can be a tough task unless you know what you are looking for in the way of the best Japanese mail order wives. Here are the features you are looking for:

  • A site that has a modern design and is easy to navigate around on.
  • A site that is clear and transparent about the price for credits and other features
  • A site that has a large number of Japanese brides
  • A site that has many options for you to communicate with potential Japanese mail order wives.
  • A site that lets you create a profile and preferences but change those as you want, along with multiple photos.

To do this on your own, you will have to do a lot of research, read reviews, get on several sites and test them out, and maybe even have a few “false starts” before you find the one that best serves your needs. 

You can spend a lot of time doing this, or you can take advantage of our work. Our experts have found Japanese mail order wives websites, have tested and reviewed them, and have come up with the top sites in 2024 for you to find your perfect wife. These were listed for you above. 

The Legalities of Marrying Japanese Mail Order Brides

First of all, you need to know that Japanese brides are not for sale. Those types of “deals” were made illegal long ago. But websites that bring Japanese women in contact with foreign men for the purpose of marriage are totally legal. There are, however, some legalities you need to know about. 

Here’s the rundown.

  • Requirement for in-person meetings. Before you can complete the documents to bring your wife home, you will have to prove that you and your fiancé have spent time together at least 90 days before you are filing those documents.
  • The K-1 visa. This is often called the fiancé visa, and it is required if you are bringing your Japanese bride to be home. To get the visa, you must complete an application, and your bride must undergo a physical exam and an interview. The total cost will be about $1000, and you need to factor in what is the normal turnaround time for it to be approved.
  • Permanent status. Once you are home and married, you will want to go through the process of getting her permanent legal status. This will cost about $2000 but will then put her in line for citizenship classes.

Finding Your Japanese Bride: Comparing Online and Offline Methods

Before the days of the Internet, there were only a few ways for men to meet foreign women and vice versa. During wartime, of course, military members have been stationed in foreign lands and met local women while there. And, as companies become more global, businessmen worked and traveled to other countries, meeting foreign women along the way. 

Today, women can still find foreign husbands through offline methods. They can come to America, for example, as foreign exchange students. Or they can still meet businessmen who travel or work in Japan. But this is definitely a slow, time-consuming, and costly process. And there are no guarantees that they will meet the one. 

Compare that to the online options that both Japanese women and foreign men have to meet and get to know one another. By using Japanese mail order bride websites, here is how the entire process is both streamlined and more efficient. 

  • Men can search through the Japanese members using filters to narrow down the field to those who are most compatible.
  • Men can then communicate with those few, using all sorts of methods – emails, messaging, video chats, even streamlined videos. 
  • Once they have gotten to know the women in that narrowed field, they can finally choose the one they have developed a romantic attachment to, make arrangements to have in-person dates with, and sign out of the website.
  • Those real-life dates are long in duration, usually about two-weeks long in the bride’s home country. If all goes well, there is a wedding to plan.

Wrapping It All Up

If you have read this entire guide, you know all there is to know about Japanese brides, why they make amazing wives, what they are looking for in a foreign husband, how you go about meeting and dating them, both online and off, and the process for legally making your chosen one your wife. The Japanese culture is rich in tradition, but modern Japanese women are worldly and more than ready to spread their wings and find love and romance with progressive Western men. You can look forward to an amazing life with your Japanese wife.