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Vietnamese Brides: Blossoms of Tradition and Modern Romance Unveiled

Vietnam. It’s a country filled with a rich and often violent history, exotic culture, and a society filled with dichotomies. In the urban areas, women are fully modern in their lifestyles and values. In more remote areas, traditional societal female roles still rule. But in both instances, Vietnamese single ladies offer Western men an amazing life in marriage.

If Vietnamese brides are on your radar, use this guide to learn all about them, how to meet and court them online, and bring your beautiful Vietnam bride home. 

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Some Interesting Info about Vietnamese Mail Order Brides

Here are some facts that you may not know and that will intrigue you about Vietnamese single ladies.

They are emotionally strong and resilient

It must be in their DNA. Older women have seen war and political upheaval and emerged strong and capable. Younger Vietnamese girls were either infants or very young children during these times, but have not allowed that early trauma to impact their optimism and zest for life.

They have embraced the 21st century

The “intrusion” of Western culture has been embraced by Vietnamese girls who have come to love the music, the fashion, and the independence of Western women. 

They are educated

In contrast to earlier decades, Vietnamese women for marriage are more educated. Over half of them now have college degrees, and those numbers continue to rise. While they do not enjoy full equality with men, they are holding career positions in many industries in Vietnam’s growing economy.

Many have embraced entrepreneurship

Because there is still a gender gap in employment, lots of Vietnamese wives and young singles have launched businesses, many of them related to online products and services, given their IT savvy. You can expect your Vietnamese mail order bride to want to bring that expertise to the USA with her.

Vietnamese brides will be a blend of old and new

As modern as she may be, a Vietnamese bride still holds to her native culture, with its holidays, events, and festivals. Finding other Vietnamese wives of American men will help her honor her heritage and give her an important social outlet. But she will also want to assimilate into her new environment and find activities and outlets that will achieve that as well. 

Modern Vietnamese women are involved in politics

At home, they get involved in political causes and many even hold local and national offices. While they are still a minority, they are a vocal one and enjoy the independence and the fact that they have a voice, and that voice will grow louder. 

What Foreign Husbands Can Expect from Their Vietnamese Wives

Vietnamese brides bring an entire package of amazing traits to a marriage. Here is what you can expect to be blessed with.

Emotional strength

Vietnamese brides have been raised in a culture where they face whatever comes their way calmly and with determination to conquer any adversity. They bring this strength into a marriage, and you can trust that your Vietnamese bride will be a full partner through any rough patches you face.

Loyalty and trust

Vietnamese wives are fiercely loyal to family members, and that loyalty transfers to the men they marry. You can rely on that loyalty to endure through good times and bad – “for better or worse,” as the American wedding vows state.

In addition to being loyal, your Vietnamese mail order bride will put full trust in you to honor and respect her as she does you. When together, you both have loyalty and trust, you have a partnership that will last.

Intelligence and sociability 

Vietnamese brides are educated, many with college degrees in a variety of areas, often in IT fields. They bring that into a marriage expecting to contribute, both financially and socially.

Your Vietnamese bride will be a huge asset socially. English is taught in all public and international schools, so she will come equipped to mingle and to be a charming and eloquent hostess, whether to family members, friends, or co-workers.

Freedom and independence

21st-century Vietnamese brides are used to independence and expect to give their husbands the same. Both of you feel free to pursue your own interests and hobbies.

What Makes a Foreign Husband Attractive to Vietnamese Brides?

Vietnamese mail order brides see foreign husbands for a variety of reasons:

  • Vietnamese brides are ready to spread their wings beyond their country’s borders – blame this on the Internet. They have “visited” many places.
  • They want gender equality – a partnership with a man who values their intelligence and skills.
  • Vietnamese mail order brides want to raise their children in an environment that is academically focused and that allows them to pursue any outside interests they may have.
  • Vietnamese brides want to live in a country that gives them more opportunities and with a husband who supports their personal and professional growth.
  • Modern Vietnamese brides want to embrace and enjoy a lifestyle that they can only imagine in their home country. This includes music, fashion, and social life that she can experience with her husband and new friends.

More than anything, though, Vietnamese brides want a marriage based on love, romance, equality, and family values.

Where Can Men Meet Vietnamese Women for Marriage?

One way to meet a Vietnamese bride is to travel to the country – a beautiful place to visit. But once there, how do you go about meeting eligible single Vietnamese ladies for marriage? You can’t just start knocking on doors. You’d have to stay a while and begin to make some friends.

You can use a broker or an agency, but there are upfront costs with no guarantees. Plus, It almost feels like you are trying to buy a Vietnamese bride. 

The best option is online dating, specifically Vietnamese mail order bride websites because there you will meet Vietnamese women for marriage, not those just interested in casual dating. 

The Advantages of Using Vietnamese Mail Order Bride Services

When you use a reputable service to find your own Vietnamese bride online, you’ll have the following benefits:

  • You will meet only Vietnamese brides and won’t have to pour through some international site with women of all nationalities
  • You’ll meet Vietnamese women who are genuine and serious about marrying foreign men.
  • You’ll have a huge number of mail order Vietnamese brides to consider.
  • You’ll have multiple methods of communicating and getting to know several before finding the Vietnamese bride who is perfect for you.
  • Vietnamese mail order brides websites are easy to use any time of the day or night and on the go from anywhere. Pull up the site on your lunch hour and check for messages; have a video chat before you go to sleep.
  • Registration is free, and you pay only for the features you choose to use to meet and communicate with Vietnamese brides.
  • You have privacy and confidentiality and only reveal personal info when you choose to.

How do you choose a reliable service to get a Vietnamese bride?

Yes, there are great, average, and just plain bad Vietnamese mail-order bride services. Here’s how you can spot the great ones.

  • Do the research. Check out reviews on reputable consumer review websites that verify the authenticity of the people posting their comments
  • Access sites that look good and navigate around. Is everything clear and transparent?
  • Check out the features you can select. Are there multiple ways to communicate with these Vietnamese brides? Can you access photos and profiles of the registered Vietnamese mail brides?
  • Be certain there’s a customer support department. When you “test” a site, ask a couple of questions and see how responsive that department is.
  • Is your registration and profile setup free? 
  • Do Vietnamese brides register for free? Make certain they do because this is the only way that websites can guarantee a large membership of Vietnamese brides for their foreign men to consider.

If all of this seems like a lot of work, taking up a lot of your time and energy, you are right. Earlier we gave you the top sites that our expert reviewers recommend. Start with those. Your search will be short.

Our Success Tales

One day, we want to add your success story.

Randolph and Tien“Tien was a successful restaurant owner in Hanoi when she joined a Vietnamese mail-order bride site, looking for a progressive Western man who would give her love and a new life with gender equality, and opportunities for their future children. Paul, a gourmet chef, was looking for a Vietnamese wife after vacationing there and becoming intoxicated with the amazing women he met. And here they were, both foodies in their own parts of the world and hooking up on a marriage website. Of course, their original chats revolved around food but soon turned to other things of a romantic nature. Video chats and live streams confirmed their commitment. Today, Tien has brought her Vietnamese delicacies to her new restaurant in the States.”
Sheldon and Bian“Sheldon wanted a Vietnamese wife. Bian wanted a progressive foreign husband who would love her and honor her independence and a desire for greater opportunities for the children they would have. The interesting thing here is that they found each other as both are involved in the same type of careers. Bian was a deep-fishing tour guide in the touristy, quiet town of Hoi An, and Sheldon is a diving instructor on the Florida coast. What are the chances? Their obvious commonalities brought them together, and the romance soon followed. Today, Bian is in Florida with Sheldon, expanding her own business, lovingly supported by husband Sheldon.”
Rick and Giang“Love of music made a perfect match for Rick and Giang. Rick is an organizer of music concerts and events throughout the U.S., and Giang holds a similar position, organizing music festivals throughout her country, from Ho Tram to Saigon, to Ho Chi Minh City. Only on a Vietnamese bride website would these two find each other and share their common passion for music and ultimately for each other. Today, Giang and Rick are working in a career and love relationship to bring music in all of its forms to people all over the world.”
Jonathan and Kieu“Extreme sports are not for everyone – these enthusiasts are a rare breed. And yet, Johnathan and Kieu found each other on a Vietnamese mail-order bride website. Kieu runs adventure tours in Ninh Binh, including white water rafting and rugged mountain climbing. Johnathan does the same in the US. And here they were, sharing their stories with each other while dating online. Those stories soon turned into far more personal sharing of goals, dreams, and values of marriage and family – they were in concert, and marriage was the obvious result.”

How Much Will Your Vietnamese Mail Order Wife Cost?

You can expect online costs of meeting, courting, and choosing your Vietnamese bride, and then the offline costs of meeting her in person, marrying her, and bringing her home.

Online costs

Once registered, you will choose the features you want to use and buy credits for them. Most sites offer credit packages and premium features on an a la carte basis. The longer you spend on the site, the more you will spend. Plan on $200/month.

Offline costs

These will vary, but traveling to meet your Vietnamese bride is cheaper than most other destinations. Research these costs and plan your budget

  • Plan on two trips of about two weeks each
  • Two round-trip airfare tickets
  • Hotel or Airbnb accommodations
  • Food and entertainment – some high-end restaurants for romantic dinners and mid-priced to street market meals. Hit a few clubs and do some cheaper sightseeing.
  • Gifts for her and her family.
  • Planning a wedding and at least a reception back home
  • K-1 Visa costs – about $1,000.

All in all, you should budget between $2000 -$3500 depending on your choices.

Recognizing and Avoiding Vietnamese Mail Order Bride Scams

The scams are easy to spot if you know what you are looking for. So, here are the indicators that you are dealing with Vietnamese brides who are bad actors.

  • They want upfront fees for joining or monthly subscription fees that are set and non-refundable
  • They state they are offering Vietnamese brides for sale. You pay an upfront fee to gain access to the “perfect, beautiful Vietnamese bride.” Do a reverse image check on Google, and you find this same image – busted!
  • Beware of the term “for sale.” This is actually illegal as Western countries are cracking down on foreign women trying to get in through fake marriages. Both the Vietnamese brides and their male collaborators face arrest if caught. You don’t buy Vietnamese brides. You meet them online and “date” them. If you decide you have found the one for you, you then make arrangements to meet in person.
  • Vietnamese mail order brides always have a reason they cannot meet you in person -usually urgent family matters or the need to be away on business matters.
  • Vietnamese brides you are talking to suddenly have emergencies and need money from you to help them out.

Stick with the reputable Vietnamese brides websites we have checked out and know to be legit.

Your Guide to Meeting and Marrying a Vietnamese Woman

We have put together a process for meeting and marrying Vietnamese brides that has proven successful, and we strongly recommend that you follow it.

Register on a reputable vietnamese mail order brides website

We have provided the information you need to find a good one and have also provided those that we know are reputable. But get registered and craft an engaging and interesting profile with cool pictures that will attract Vietnamese brides.

Choose the features you want to use

These Vietnamese mail order brides sites will offer credit packages as well as premium features you can purchase for such things as access to photos and profiles of Vietnamese brides or sending digital or real gifts to the women you are considering. On reliable Vietnamese mail order wives sites, the cost of packages and premium features are clear and transparent. You can change your options at any time.

Narrow your selections to just a few

Once you have received your matches and reviewed the preliminary info, narrow your choices to a few likely candidates. This is where the “rubber meets the road.” You will be using your communication credits to get to know these possible brides – via email, messaging, video chats, and even live-streaming. Gradually, you will be eliminating those who do not meet your specific preferences. Maybe their goals and values don’t match up with yours; perhaps they don’t want children and you do.

Ultimately, through all of your communication, you will find the one, and you’ll be ready to move forward.

Note: Don’t spend too long narrowing down your choices. Some men come and go on a site and then they lose those Vietnamese brides they have been talking with. If you do this, you will have to start all over and may have missed out on a perfect match. And the longer you stay on a site communicating with all of your potential matches, the more you will spend.

Once you’ve found your Vietnamese bride…

Now, it’s time to meet her in person. The best option is to travel to Vietnam rather than bring her to your country. You want to get to know her intimately in her own environment, and this country is beautiful.

Plan on two trips. The first should be to spend quality time together to make sure that the bond you formed online is just as strong in person. Plan on a two-week stay, enjoying romantic times and just having fun together.

The second trip will be to get down to business – meeting her family, planning a wedding, and making arrangements to bring her home. She will need a K-1 visa and documentation that you have been together in person within the past 90 days before her travel. 

That’s a Wrap

Vietnamese women bring an amazing package of love, loyalty, determination, energy, intelligence, and sociability to a marriage. When that is coupled with strong family values and a calm approach to meeting and overcoming challenges, you have a wife who is in it for the long haul.

If you take the information and recommendations that we have provided in this guide, including the recommended top websites and the process for meeting and marrying your Vietnamese bride, you will embark on an amazing life journey.