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Filipino Brides: Here’s How to Get a Philippine Wife

The Philippines. A country of over 7,000 islands and over 115 million people. And it is the home of some of the most beautiful, spicy, and passionate women in the world. Any man who gets to know Filipino women will be completely hooked. And that is why so many seek Filipino brides. You can too, and here’s your guide.

Some Little-Known Facts About Filipino Brides

There are a lot of stereotypes out there about single Filipino women, and they should be discarded. Here is what foreign men might not know:

  • Filipino women are highly educated. Everyone in the country must attend school through the 12th grade. And close to 3 million females are enrolled in higher education, more than their male counterparts. The national secretary of Education is a woman.
  • 39% of the national congress is composed of women. And they are very active in politics, particularly women’s issues.
  • The Philippines ranks 3rd among countries with the highest level of women in senior management positions in mid-level companies.
  • Unlike what many may think, Filipino wives have an average of 1.9 children, lower than in much of the world.
  •  Much of the reason for this is that many choose to pursue personal and professional development, despite traditional and clearly outdated societal notions about a woman’s place.

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These facts should displace the false notions that people have about single Filipino women. Filipino brides are far more than beautiful faces. Instead, they are smart, determined, independent, and fully able to stand on their own. If you are looking to find a Filipino bride, be ready for an exciting journey with an extraordinary woman.

Filipino Bride

What Makes Filipino Mail Order Brides So Popular?

We could talk all day about the natural beauty of Filipino brides. From their beautiful hair to their large oval eyes, to their skin tones, to their figures, their physical appearance will obviously be the first thing that catches foreign men’s attention when they first begin dating them, whether online or in person.

Ultimately, their other characteristics will show themselves, and these are the traits that will endear them as time goes on. 

  • Filipino brides are smart in two ways. They are educated, but they also exhibit a common sense that is to be admired.
  • Philippine brides are determined and driven. When they set a goal, they will go after it like a bulldog and meet every challenge head-on. They will not stop until that goal has been accomplished.
  • Filipino brides are passionate about all they do, whether that is something as simple as cooking a meal or something far more complex like preparing for a job interview. They will develop logical plans to back up their passion. They have a perfect balance of emotion and rationality.
  • A Filipino bride is trustworthy in all aspects of her life. She takes responsibility in the workplace and completes assigned tasks on time. She follows through on promises made to colleagues, friends, and family members. In short, she can always be counted on.

What Traits Will Men Find in Their Filipino Wives?

Buckle up buttercup. You are in for the ride of a lifetime with your Filipino bride. But it will be a ride filled with joy, adventure, satisfaction, and comfort. Filipino wives bring a full package of attractive traits to a marriage. Here are the key personality traits you will experience.

  • Loyal. Filipino brides are loyal, almost to a fault. As a wife, she will stick with you through good times and bad.  During those tough times, she will support you and do everything possible to help you come through successfully.
  • Hard-working. Your Filipino bride was raised in a society that values and promotes a strong work ethic. She comes to marriage prepared to work – in the home, in the pursuit of a career, and in every other aspect of her life with you.
  • Resourceful. Whatever the two of you have, she will make it work. Through her ingenuity, your life will always be comfortable and secure.
  • Passionate. Filipino brides exude passion for everything they believe is worthwhile. They will throw themselves into making a home, raising kids, pursuing their professional goals, and, of course, into their marriage. That passion will carry over into the bedroom too – be prepared for a love you have only imagined.
  • Modern. Filipino brides have a rich cultural history, and they cherish their traditions. At the same time, they entered and embraced modern Western society – in their dress, their musical tastes, and their love for a truly equal partnership with a husband.
  • Sociable. Philippine brides are comfortable in any social setting because they are naturally interested in other people. They can be counted on to keep up a lively conversation with anyone – your friends, your colleagues, and your family members.

You see? You really do get the complete package.

Why Do Filipino Brides Look for Foreign Husbands?

Despite all of the progress women have made in their home country, the male population has not yet caught up to the concept that Filipino brides for marriage seek partnership equality. And so, they look for husbands who are progressive in their thinking about the roles women play in a marriage. Here are the detailed reasons they look outside of their home country for marriage.

  • They want a husband who respects and values them as a unique and individual person, not just as a wife and mother who keeps the “home fires burning” while they pursue their careers.
  • They look for a husband who will support their goals for personal and professional development.
  • They want an equal partnership in which both husband and wife share common goals and support one another as they pursue those goals.
  • Filipino brides want a partner who will be a full participant in the household and in the rearing of children.
  • They want their children to grow up in a society that promotes individual freedom to be who and what they want to be, no matter what their goals.

In short, Filipino brides are seeking marriages that reflect Western lifestyles and values.

Where Do Foreign Men Meet Filipino Brides?

There are lots of local and digital options here.

Large communities and college campuses have organizations of Philippine women who have already migrated to your country. If you can find such organizations, you will meet a potential Filipino bride, begin dating her, and see how things progress.

Some marriage brokers arrange trips to the Philippines for men looking to meet, court, and eventually marry Filipino brides. Once you have met someone, the rest is totally up to you, and you’ll have to have time and money to date her.

You can use one of the Filipino mail order brides websites that we have reviewed and recommended. Here, men can get to know their potential Filipino brides very well before committing to in-person dating. Online dating apps are now the preferred method of millions.

Filipino Bride Success Stories

Tom and Julia“Both of these financial professionals joined a Filipino bride’s website for a single purpose – to find that perfect spouse and life partner. That they would find each other was the natural outcome of the technology of online dating matching systems. Julia was looking for broader opportunities in her career field and, most importantly, a husband who would love and cherish her but also support her need for an independent professional life. In their initial messaging, both talked about their careers. But because both were set on marriage, those conversations soon turned to the typical online dating topics – values, concepts of the ideal marriage, children, and support for one another’s personal and professional goals. Ultimately, they knew they were right for each other. Today, they live in their passionate commitment to their marriage, and Julia is soon to be a certified financial planner in the US.”
Greg and Corazon“As an international flight attendant, Corazon had plenty of experience with foreign men who traveled. She was ready to find one of these foreign men for a husband and joined a Filipino bride website. Greg was one of those frequent travelers to and from the Philippines for business, and he was determined to make one of these smart and compassionate women his wife. While travel was their first connection, it was certainly just the beginning of their online dating experience. As they continued to share their stories, conversations soon turned to love and marriage, mutually held values, and future goals and dreams. Ultimately, they married because, as they both say, fate destined them to be lifelong partners.”
Dennis and Maricel“Dennis knew he had to find a Filipino wife once he got to know his friend’s smart, beautiful, determined, and professional bride from the Philippines. So, he joined the same Filipino bride website in search of his own soulmate. Maricel was a real estate pro in Davao City. Could she find a foreign husband on the same site – one who would cherish her and support her professional goals? When she was matched with Dennis, she was thinking that, yes, this was possible. First of all, their early conversations centered on the real estate business, given that Dennis is a commercial realtor in the US. They became more animated, though, as they moved into phone calls and video chats – conversations that soon turned to views on love, marriage, and also emotional connections. They fell in love online and married in real life.”
Doug and Sandara“Sandara became a member of a Filipino bride site seeking a foreign husband in a country that was more progressive in gender equality than her own. As a nurse practitioner in Cebu City, her male counterparts were moving up in their careers faster. Further, she was unable to find fulfilling love and romance at home. On the site, she was matched with Doug, looking for a Filipino wife with all of the traits he had come to see and love on many vacations in the Philippines. The reason for their online match was their professional careers, Doug being an anesthesiologist in the States. But the larger reason was what they discovered about each other as those conversations turned to dreams and goals, emotional compatibility, and deeply held values about life, love, marriage, and full commitment. Online dating confirmed what they suspected. Marriage was the right choice.”

Check Out the Benefits of Using Filipino Mail Order Bride Platforms

Online dating began to be popular long before the COVID pandemic, but it really surged in popularity once people had to face isolation. Today, close to 400 million people on the planet use online dating services for a variety of reasons. Philippine mail-order brides websites are a part of this picture and have many benefits.

Men have access to lots of potential Filipino brides

On reliable platforms, such as those we recommend, Filipino brides register and have access to features for free. This means that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up.

Everyone is there for the same purpose

That purpose is to find a lifelong mate. The reliable Philippine mail order brides sites are very clear that this is the purpose, and do not want members who are there for casual relationships.

Men and Filipino brides can get to know each other before deciding to meet in person

Because of new communication tools, foreign men and Filipino brides can spend time in online conversation, to discuss goals, values, beliefs, and more. They will find out if they are a fit before they spend time and money meeting in person.

There is privacy

This is a big benefit to both Western men and Filipino brides who want to check each other out and communicate privately. No one else can see their communications or conversations that they might otherwise see on social media platforms, for example.

For men seeking Filipino wives, using a Filipino mail order brides platform makes sense because of these advantages.

Avoiding Filipino Mail Order Bride Scams

Yes, there are bad guys in this business just as there are in all online companies. And you will need to be wary as you explore websites that promise you will find the best Filipino mail order brides on the planet. Of course, many of these sites are legitimate, but many are not.

To avoid being scammed, check out the following:

  • Sites and brokers that ask for payment upfront without guarantees – Illegitimate brokers will often do this, take your money, and then disappear.
  • Many sites will provide photos of gorgeous Filipino brides. If you do a reverse image check through Google, you can find the same photos – these sites are clearly fake.
  • Watch for websites that use terms like “for sale” or “buy.” Legitimate sites will never use such terms because their Filipino wives are genuine women looking for genuine men and a relationship that is established before they ever meet. 
  • When you visit any Philippine mail-order brides sites, check out their policies for member behavior and privacy/security. Read through their “terms and conditions” agreement. Check the SSL security protocols. If any of these things are missing, walk away.
  • Do some research. Read the reviews of Filipino mail-order brides sites that you are considering. While they are not 100% reliable, it is one more check you can make to see if a site is trustworthy.

Our best advice? We have expert, professional reviewers who dig deep into sites that match Filipino brides with foreign men. They recommend those that are fully legitimate. Use one of our suggested platforms, and you can’t go wrong.

Choosing a Reliable Filipino Mair-Order Bride Service

If you want to “go it” on your own, you now know how to avoid the scams. Finding a reliable service to meet your needs, though, is a matter of individual choice. As you consider what you want, think about these things:

  • Is the Filipino mail-order brides site easy to navigate?
  • Are all of the policies clear?
  • Do they provide the most sophisticated SSL protocols to protect your information?
  • Do they offer the features you want to use to meet and digitally date Filipino mail order brides? Most will offer messaging, video chats, and live-streaming.
  • How do their prices compare to those of other reliable sites?
  • Do they connect you according to your stated preferences?
  • Is your registration and profile setup free?
  • Can you add photos and change your profile if you choose to?
  • Are there feature packages as well as premium features that you can opt for from a menu?

Again, consider using one of the Philippine mail order brides sites that we recommend. We have done this work for you.

The Cost of Filipino Mail-Order Brides

There will be costs involved in meeting and dating Filipino brides online. These will be in the form of features you purchase as you communicate with a few women. Costs will vary based on how many women you communicate with and how long you keep that up before choosing the one for you.

Offline costs will include travel to the Philippines to spend time with her and make sure that both of you are ready to make that final step. Spending two weeks there will mean housing, food, and entertainment costs. Here you will rely on your potential future wife to guide you while you are there.

There will also be gifts. You will want to give your potential Filipino bride a small meaningful but maybe even one large one – an engagement ring. There will also be gifts for her parents – let her make the suggestions.

Weddings and visa costs must be planned for too.

Make sure you budget for the Philippine brides price.

Marrying a Filipino Woman – Tips and Strategies

While you are dating online, you will get to know each other well. And once you decide to meetup in person, your relationship becomes far more serious. Marriage is definitely in the picture now.

So, how to go about crossing that threshold from dating to marriage? Here are some tips:

  • Be yourself above all. You want her to see and fall in love with the real you, not some persona you are trying to fashion to impress. 
  • Be courteous. Take your cues from her. If you’ve done some research on culture, you’ll be ahead of the game and won’t offend her. Filipino brides are impressed by simple gestures – taking her arm as you walk and cross the street, holding doors open for her.
  • Get her to talk. Of course, you want her to know your story. But if you focus on her asking questions about her work, her lifestyles, etc., she will understand that your interest in her is genuine.
  • Be physically affectionate. This is common and accepted in Filipino culture. Give her displays of affection that you are comfortable with and that she responds to well.

In short, you should court your Filipino bride just as you would any other woman.

Meeting Your Filipino Bride Parents

The time will come, probably during their first visit to the Philippines, when foreign men will be meeting the parents of their Filipino brides. While there are differences, think about this as the same as meeting your future bride’s parents at home. Just use common sense.

Ask your Filipino bride for advice

There are cultural “rituals” that may be in place while you prepare to meet her parents. Ask her about how introductions will be made and how you are to greet them. 

Keep the conversation light and focused on them

Find out as much as you can about her parents before you head on out to meet them. Develop a list of questions that you can ask to show your interest in them. Be a good listener, nodding and smiling as they talk. When they ask questions of you, answer honestly and don’t go on and on. They are just trying to size you up and see if you are good enough for their daughter. Stick to the highlights of who you are and what you can offer their daughter.

Think about dress

Again, you should ask your Filipino bride’s advice on this one. If her family is very traditional, you might want to purchase a shirt that will honor that lifestyle. If they are more modern, settle for a collared shirt and well-pressed shorts or slacks. On the other hand, if the family meeting is going to involve a gathering of family and friends in a more formal setting, let your future bride choose your outfit.

Don’t forget the gifts

Even at home, if you have been invited to someone’s home, you are likely to bring some type of gift – a bottle of wine, some candy perhaps. You will need to do the same thing in the Philippines. Maybe her father has a favorite liqueur; maybe her mother has a favorite candy or flower. Your bride will guide you.

That’s a Wrap

You now know everything there is to know about meeting, dating, and finding your perfect Filipino bride. If you find the right, reliable online platform for getting this done, you can very well become one of our success stories. Time’s a wastin’ – Get going.