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Asian Brides: Finding Amazing Asian Mail Order Brides

Anyone who has been in the presence of Asian women is impressed with their poise, grace, and beauty. They also have a strong sense of the importance of family. And for these reasons, Asian mail order brides are in high demand by Western, especially American, men.

Let’s first define the term “mail-order bride.” Simply put, it is a woman in a foreign country who seeks marriage with a man in another country. Now long ago, this was normally a woman in an underdeveloped country who wanted a husband in a developed country, and the motivation was usually for financial stability. Asian brides were no exception.

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Today, with modern technology, there are all kinds of ways for men to find an Asian wife. The Internet is chock full of places to meet an Asian bride. Many of these places are disreputable or downright scams, so men must be careful. They need to find reputable Asian mail-order bride websites where they will meet genuine women who are motivated to find a true, lasting marriage.

And that’s why we’re here. Our purpose is to guide men through the process of finding their perfect Asian brides. Using this guide, you will come to know everything about using mail-order bride websites, which websites are best for finding an Asian wife, and how to make your search successful.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Top 5 sites to find Asian mail order brides

Why Asian Brides Make Amazing Wives

American men who seek mail order brides in Asia have discovered many amazing qualities about Asian girls and women that they want in a wife. While specific qualities may vary by age and countries, there are some commonalities in a shared heritage that make an Asian bride so attractive and why Western men choose Asian mail order brides so often.

Here are those commonalities that make Asian brides so sought after.

  • She displays femininity. This includes grace, composure, being polite even in tough circumstances, and just in general carrying a calm female vibe.
  • She is tough. Don’t let all of that femininity fool you. She is no pushover. Asian wives are determined and dedicated. Whatever is thrown at them, they handle.
  • She is strong-willed. If you doubt this, take a look at how Asian women raise their children. They will see to it that their children excel. When men choose Asian women for marriage, they can be confident that these women will go after what they want, even though it may be in a quiet way.
  • She is loyal. This loyalty extends to her husband, family members, and friends.
  • She has a positive vibe. This is evident to all who meet her, not just to those she is dating.
  • Her cultural heritage is in her DNA. It is steeped in tradition, in behavior, and in values. As the saying goes, “You can take the girl out of Asia, but you can’t take Asia out of the girl.”
  • She will always take care of those she loves. By nature, she is a giver, not a taker. Whomever she loves, she will care for. This is one of her best qualities.
  • She is charming in a shy way. Yes, she will charm everyone she meets. And she will seem shy. Underneath, though, she has a determination that is anything but. And you’ll find that this is one of the characteristics that will endear her to you.

Now that you know a bit more about Asian wives, are you intrigued? You should be. They are beautiful, loyal, dedicated, determined, charming, and they marry for life.

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Women from Asia: Physical Appearance and Personality

If you think that all women in Asia share the same physical features and personalities, you would be dead wrong. South Asian brides, for example, will greatly differ from those in Japan or South Korea. Likewise, an Asian bride from India will have physical traits far different than an Asian bride from Kazakhstan.

So first, a little geography lesson. Asia is the largest continent in the world, and it holds the largest population (over 5 billion). It’s divided into 6 regions – north, central, East, Southeast, South, and West. In all, there are 48 countries. So you have probably gathered that not all Asian brides for marriage will have the same physical features. Each is gorgeous and sexy in her own way.

You’ll want to check out our Asian mail-order bride websites and have a look at all of these beauties to get an idea of their physical appearances. Our recommended Asian wife-finder websites will have them all. You can narrow down your choices for Asian mail order wives and then move to the personality traits that you desire.

Physical characteristics

There are some general physical features that most Asian mail order wives will have in common.

  1. Most are not tall, though some from parts of China may be a bit taller.
  2. Most Asian brides are slim and take care of their bodies. This is partly due to their dietary habits – fish, rice, lots of veggies, and such. Some, from India for example, are full vegetarians.
  3. Almost every Asian bride will have dark hair and eyes naturally. But some who are more “Westernized” may dye their hair and use colored contact lenses.
  4. Dress will vary widely too. You will find an Asian mail order bride from India or Nepal, for example, who sports traditional dress. Or you may find one from South Korea who is into K-pop culture (short for a musical style), and she will sport great fashion style and accessories.
  5. No matter where an Asian bride may live, each is hot and sexy in her own way. The one common physical feature? They are all exotic.

Beauty is what will grab your attention first. But when you are considering marriage, the staying power over the long haul is in the personality.

The Asian personality

Our personalities are formed as we grow up and are the result of the influences of our parents and the society in which we live. This is true for all Asian girls and women too. And within all Asian societies, there are common threads that are very apparent.

  • Family is critically important. Even for those Asian singles who grow up, graduate from college, and have full-time careers, their families (parents, husbands, and children) will always be a top priority. They want marriage and children and will see to it that everyone is loved, nurtured, and cared for.
  • They love children. This deserves a spot on this list all its own. They were nurtured and loved as children and want to do the same. Now, the way in which their children are nurtured will vary by society. Some Asian women may be stricter while others are more permissive, but the love is constant. If you are a man who wants children and a wife who will love and care for them, an Asian bride may be just what you are looking for.
  • They are naturally friendly. They greet everyone, including strangers, with a smile, and they have no fear of foreigners but rather find them interesting. Polite is the “middle name” of most Asian women.

There is no best Asian country to find a wife? You find your bride by choosing a few to communicate with on an Asian mail-order site and narrow it down to the one you believe is right. This will involve some expense.

What Will an Asian Bride Cost?

Asian mail order wife photo

The first thing is to get rid of some bad notions. An Asian mail order bride is not for sale, and you do not buy an Asian bride online. The expenses will all be in your efforts to find an Asian bride, get to know her well on an Asian brides dating site, make arrangements to meet her in person and, if all goes well, plan a wedding.

Let’s divide the expenses into two categories – online and offline costs.

Online costs

You will begin your search for Asian mail order brides by joining an Asian mail-order bride site. Once there you will need to purchase credits to use for searching and communicating with women you are interested in. Different forms of communication will cost different amounts of credits (messages, emails, video chats, and such). You may also use credits to purchase gifts for a woman you want to impress.

Sites sell credit packages of various sizes, and you can also buy additional tools via an a la carte menu. The point is you want to purchase enough credits to really get to know your chosen one before you move forward with her. Because moving forward will involve an Asian mail order bride cost that will be offline and pricier.

Offline costs

You can’t just stay online. At some point you two want to meet in person and see if marriage is going to be a go. In most cases, the man will travel to her country, so be prepared for the costs.

You don’t want this to be just a short get-together. Meeting in person should be an extended time, probably two weeks, and you’ll also want to plan for two of those trips. If all goes well on the first, you may be planning a wedding on the second.

Here is a list of what you should plan for and a rough estimate of the cost of each. You can nail down the exact costs as you plan your trip.

  • Travel. Depending on the time of year and how far in advance you plan your trip, rates will vary. But let’s say you live somewhere in the middle of the U.S. and are flying to China. Airfare will be in the $2000 range.
  • Accommodations. You’ll have options of a hotel, apartment, maybe an Airbnb. Here is where your bride-to-be can help with a bit of research to get the best deal.
  • Food and entertainment. Yes, this, too, will be on you. You want to impress her and promote romance. You should plan on anywhere from $800 – $1,000 for these expenses combined. Add a few gifts, and it could be more.

Now just multiply the total by 2 and you know how much to plan for.

But wait. There will be the added costs too.

    • A K-1 visa for your Asian bride. The 2024 cost is about $1,000, including application, medical exam, and other fees. While not a factor at the moment, getting her permanent resident status can be another $1,000.
    • The wedding. Whether you marry over there, back in the US, or both, you will have expenses.

Set a budget based on these costs and you’ll be fine.

Our Success Stories

We do hear back from our users when they find and marry their forever partner. Here are a few of their stories.

Nick and Tuyet“Nick visited Vietnam in 2018 and fell in love with the country and its people. After that trip, he realized that his values were far more in line with Vietnamese women than American. Determined to find his lifelong love, he joined an Asian mail-order bride site and met Tuyet. She was finishing up her graduate degree in economics. Nick returned to Vietnam in 2020 to attend her graduation and spend an extended time with her. He brought her to the US on a K-1 visa in 2022, and they quickly married. How is life for these two lovebirds now? Amazing, says Tuyet, who is now teaching economics, devoted to Nick, and ready to start a family.”
Dan and Chandra“Dan studied in India and met many beautiful and amazing women. After returning to the U.S., he couldn’t get them out of his mind. So, he joined an Asian mail-order bride site. To his amazement, there was Chandra, one of his fellow students. They already knew each other well, but now they were focused on getting to know each other in a different context – as possible romantic partners. They just clicked, says Dan, and soon he was back in India to propose. They had a traditional Hindu wedding, have settled in the U.S., and love each other and their married lives “to the moon” says Dan.”
Steve and Ji Woo“Steve joined an Asian mail-order bride site because a friend did. I really wasn’t serious, said Steve. But it wasn’t long before he met Ji Woo, a beautiful and smart South Korean woman who stole his heart. It wasn’t long before he was in Seoul being escorted around by Ji Woo and falling head over heels in love. Today, they are married, living in California, and raising their baby daughter.”
Rob and Shasha“Rob visited Singapore as a part of a Southeast Asian tour with a bunch of buddies. They spent their time in Singapore City because of its architecture, museums, shopping, and, of course, the nightlife. He was only there for three days but says it was his favorite spot. About a year later, still thinking about Singapore and its beautiful women, he registered on an Asian dating site. Into his life came Shasha, a native of Sentosa Island and manager of one of its resorts. It wasn’t long before Rob was back in Singapore, enjoying the sun, sand, food, and Shasha. They both knew they had met their soulmate. Today, they live in Silicon Valley where Shasha has put her hospitality degree to use and Rob works as an IT manager. Their plans include starting a family very soon.”

How to Find and Choose an Asian Mail Order Bride

Believe it or not, there is a process for finding an Asian mail bride that has proven successful. Stick with this process and you’ll do great.

Research sites that offer Asian brides

There are a bunch out there. You can spend a lot of time searching through them, or you can check out the ones we recommend. Get on those sites for free, navigate around, study their features and costs, and even read some third-party reviews.

Choose the site that works best for you

You’re looking for Asian girlfriends who want to become Asian brides. Be sure to choose a site that has plenty of them to choose from. To provide you with as many as possible, most sites allow women to join for free. Then it’s your job to decide how you will check them out.

Set up your profile

Be honest about who you are and what you are looking for. Give key info about yourself and even be a bit humorous. You want these Asian beauties to find you unique and intriguing. And stay safe. Don’t provide personal info until you are in a serious dating relationship. Reputable sites screen and verify their women members, but be cautious.

Choose the one for you

You can spend forever searching and chatting, but when you find one who really interests you, focus on her alone. Select your communication tools and get to know her well. If you find you are a great match, plan your first in-person date.

Stick with this strategy -it works.

Turn on the Charm for Your Beautiful Lady from Asia

While you are dating online with that special Asian woman, you want to impress. Foreign brides in Asia are no different from any women you may date. They want you to be genuine, respectful, caring and show real interest in her and her values.

So here are some key “rules” to follow:

    • Never make critical comments about her culture – show respect
    • Never use sarcasm as humor. She won’t get it.
    • Never use inappropriate language – it’s a big turnoff.
    • Practice and use some phrases in her language- it shows effort and interest.
    • Impress upon her that you are serious about the long-term. Asian mail order brides want to hear this.
    • Ask her about her interests, values, and goals – it’s not all about you.
    • Meet her parents online if possible. It can happen via video chat. You want their approval too.

See? It’s not at all hard to charm you into her heart.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

Finding love in Asia doesn’t have to be an arduous journey. Men who are seeking Asian wives need to get on a reputable Asian mail-order bride website, have a look at the women who are there, choose a few to communicate with, and ultimately hone in on the one who captures their heart. Once they do that, they are well on their way to having that Asian wife they long for. This guide is the perfect way to do just that.Love