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Seekers of Foreign Love and Romance: An AmourFactory Review

Are you a Western man looking for a foreign woman for a lasting relationship? Are you a Western man looking to spend time online with a foreign lady and see where the relationship might go?

Have you figured out that using a foreign bride website is your best bet? We’re here to tell you that this is the best plan.

The problem you will face, though, is finding one that is legitimate and reliable – yes, there are some bad actors in this business.

But we’ve got your back on this one. Our expert investigators have only one job – to conduct the research that you probably don’t have the time and expertise to do, to dig deep into the membership, security, features, policies, and authenticity of the women on these sites. We then recommend only those websites that meet our strict standards.

And that’s the purpose of this AmourFactory review. When you finish reading it, you will know all there is to know about ArmourFactory and be able to decide if this site is for you.

AmourFactory homepage

So, let’s get on with this AmourFactory review.

How We Conducted Our Amour Factory Review

To investigate ArmourFactory, we used the same procedures we do for every website. Here is what we did to evaluate the AmourFactory dating site and ultimately produce this ArmourFactory review.

  • First we accessed the AmourFactory dating site and navigated around to see if the design and interface are user-friendly
  • We reviewed every page of the AmourFactory site and noted all of its features and policies, including its security measures, its member verification process, its community standards, terms and conditions, privacy policies, and more. No ArmourFactory page was left unread in detail.
  • One of our colleagues registered on the AmourFactory site and used all of the free features, also interacting with AmourFactory customer service, and asking lots of questions.
  • Checked out several AmourFactory women’s profiles with reverse-image software to check their authenticity.
  •  Reviewed AmourFactory cost for its features and compared them with those of other reputable international dating sites.

After all our research, we are ready to provide you with this AmourFactory review. We urge you to read this entire piece so you can decide if the AmourFactory dating site is right for you.

All About AmourFactory

AmourFactory dating site was launched in 2018. When we spoke to AmourFactory customer service, we asked about their customer base. They explained that, when they first launched, they marketed to foreign women first, in order to get large numbers of women before they began to market to men. Evidently, this worked well, as their female base is really large, and male members are joining in large numbers daily.

First and foremost, AmourFactory is a dating site for serious, long-term relationships/marriages between Western men and foreign women. 

Does this mean that the AmourFactory dating site does not entertain any other purposes? No, it does not.

A secondary purpose of AmourFactory is to foster communication across borders, an online cultural exchange of sorts, and, with that purpose in mind, AmourFactory allows people to register, post content, and exchange content with others – a bit of a social media cultural exchange function.

But, to be clear, Western men who are looking for a romantic relationship should not join AmourFactory for hookups or casual dating.  The foreign women on the site would not be interested.

Summary of AmourFactory Features

The initial things that impressed us about AmourFactory were easy registration and AmourFactory login processes, along with suggestions for profile creation and photo uploading. The additional impressive features were the variety of communication tools, the matching algorithm, and the suggestions for icebreakers for those who may be on the shy side.

It’s also important to note that the ArmourFactory app can be downloaded onto any device and operates with all of the popular and most-used browsers.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the AmourFactory dating site.

Amour Factory Pros

Here’s our list of the most important pros we found:

  • A user-friendly AmourFactory design and interface
  • Security of payment processing by a third-party processor
  • Secure AmourFactory login protocols
  • Identity verification protocols
  • Great AmourFactory customer service
  • Large female user base
  • Sophisticated algorithm for AmourFactory user matches
  • Clear community standards for AmourFactory user behavior
  • Transparent pricing which is competitive with comparable dating sites
  • AmourFactory pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Advanced search filters

AmourFactory Cons

While we did not have any adverse encounters, there were some feedback by some visitors on AmourFactory review sites.  These included:

  • Intermittent delays in loading;  
  • Identity verification takes a while;
  • Some users complain about feature pricing.

Is AmourFactory Legit?

We have concluded that yes, AmourFactory is reputable and legitimate. And here’s why:

  • There are policies in place that cover absolutely everything from privacy to terms and conditions, to community standards, to user behavior. All of these can be accessed through links at the bottom of every page.
  • There are solid security protocols to protect user personal information, and financial information for payments via an SSL-secured third-party processor. AmourFactory does not collect or store any user financial information.
  • There is a user identity verification process that prevents scammers and others who join for the wrong purposes.
  • AmourFactory customer service is responsive.
  • Features and their cost are transparent

An Important Reminder: AmourFactory is clear that there are no guarantees that its members will connect romantically, find their perfect match, and end up in a lifetime relationship. What it does promise its members is that it has everything in place for the right people to connect. The rest is up to them.

Check out the detailed features we summarize here.

AmourFactory Feature Details

Identity verification

AmourFactory is committed to keeping all of its users safe from bad actors who often attempt to join dating sites for purposes of harassment, bullying, or influencing people to reveal their personal information. 

To this end, AmourFactory manually verifies the identification of anyone who registers, and that verification must be completed before the first AmourFactory login can happen.

Summary of AmourFactory policies

AmourFactory has comprehensive policies to cover everything.

  • Terms and conditions: We strongly recommend that any user review this policy very carefully. It is a legal document that outlines the responsibilities of both AmourFactory and every user. Once someone registers and is validated, they can conduct their first AmourFactory login.
  • Cookies: The AmourFactory cookie policy speaks to its use of these to improve user experience on its site and explains user options regarding them.
  • Refunds: This page obviously explains the details of user eligibility for refunds and the process for making refund requests.
  • Community guidelines: User behavior is important to AmourFactory – the content they post, the photos they upload, and the communication they have with others. There are clear guidelines that are meant to protect all users. These AmourFactory guidelines also include prohibitions against the use of the site for commercial purposes, sharing personal information in profiles, promotion of illegal activities, or the sharing of accounts.

AmourFactory urges its users to contact customer support if they have questions or need clarification of any of these policies.

AmourFactory Success Stories

We depend on reviews that we believe to be legitimate. Here are a few success stories:

Thomas F. on Sitejabber: At AmourFactory there is an easy registration process and lots of profiles of interesting people, you can always find someone to communicate with. It’s safe here because profiles are accurately verified. I spend my free time here very interesting and fun. Already have made regular interlocutors.”

Anton H. on Sitejabber: “I like to come home after work and visit AmourFactory. It’s very comfortable and soulful. Here I can communicate quietly with pleasant women who are far away from me. In a short time I have found many new friends of interest. The service is convenient and safe.”

Bernt G. on Sitejabber: “AmourFactory is designed specifically for people who want serious, interesting and lively communication. It is a real “lifeline” from loneliness. I probably would have spent my evenings playing games that way and become more and more of a people-hater. It’s a good thing I found this great playground.”

Is AmourFactory Free?

Total honesty here. All women register and use the AmourFactory features for free. For men, it is not. And AmourFactory has a valid reason for this. To build and keep a large female user base, it just makes sense. 

It’s time to go over just what men are going to incur in terms of AmourFactory cost.

Registration and profile creation

AmourFactory registration and profile creation are free, as are uploading photos and even videos.

The search for women

Men can also conduct a basic search for women by accessing limited information and a photo for free. Once they make a choice to learn more about a “find,” the AmourFactory cost kicks in.

AmourFactory Costs

Some good news here. As a welcoming gift, all men are given a gift of AmourFactory free credits to use as they wish.

There are costs for the features men decide to use. These are called credits. And the majority of credits are used for the types of communication a man chooses – letters, emails, messages, video chats, and even livestream videos.

AmourFactory offers credit packages that are probably the best deal. Users can also set up “top-offs,” automatic renewal of a credit package when necessary.

There are also some special premium options that can be purchased on a one-time basis – gifts, for example.

We did compare AmourFactory cost per feature with other international dating sites and found them comparable.

The Process for Men to Get Going on AmourFactory

Here’s a detailed explanation of the steps involved:

Registration and profile creation

Registration is fast and easy. Men provide a bit of personal information to get started, set up AmourFactory login information (username and password), and then move on to creating that profile.

The profile is important. It must be engaging and a bit creative. AmourFactory has suggestions for profile creation which are very helpful. Photos can then be uploaded, and AmourFactory recommends that these be action pics showing men active and involved in activities.

Verification of identity

While men are busy creating their profiles, AmourFactory is busy verifying their identity. Once that happens, the AmourFactory login is activated.

The process of searching and matching

There are two ways this happens:

  • Men can search through female profiles, select a few for communication, and then choose the AmourFactory features they want to use.
  • The AmourFactory algorithm will kick in based on the stated preferences in the profile and present the best matches it has found.

Let the dating begin

Once a man has chosen a few women for further interaction, the dating begins. And the credit purchases begin, based on the types of features he selects. Control of communication choices is completely in his hands.

Personal information exchange

Once a man has chosen the one woman he wants to seriously pursue, he is ready to exchange personal information. If she agrees, it happens. They then go offline, and the rest is up to them, including arrangements to date in real life. 

If all goes well, both will want to end their membership on the site. There is a quick process for how to delete an AmourFactory membership, outlined on the site or by contacting customer support.

Now, a Bit About AmourFactory Female Profiles

As a part of our AmourFactory investigation, we needed to make sure that the female members are genuine. Disreputable dating sites will upload a bunch of photos and profiles that are fake just to get the number of female members high.

AmourFactory women profiles

So, we selected a number of profiles from the female user base and used our great reverse-image search software. 

We are happy to report that, without exception, the photos did not appear anywhere else.

For the pleasure of those men who have made it this far in our review, here is a sampling of the women they will find.

(insert photos and profiles here)

We are impressed and believe you should be too. These women are social, educated, friendly and have a lot to offer in a permanent relationship.

Are You Ready to Use AmourFactory?

If you have come this far in our AmourFactory review, you have probably concluded that we like the AmourFactory dating site. It has met all of our high standards and, in some cases, exceeded them.

The Final Verdict

AmourFactory dating site is highly recommended by our international dating experts.