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Review 2024: Are Eastern European Beauties on BravoDate?

You’re interested in relationships with gorgeous Eastern European women, maybe even marriage. Before long, you come across BravoDate. It looks promising, but so do other sites. You’ve been disappointed before. Will you be happy you gave this platform a try, or will you regret creating a BravoDate login?

We’ve written this BravoDate review to answer those questions and more. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Is BravoDate legitimate?
  • How do you use BravoDate?
  • What kind of women will you meet?
  • Will it cost money?
  • What do other customer’s think about BravoDate?
  • Is BravoDate customer service helpful?

We’ve done the research and legwork so you don’t have to. We’ve researched this dating platform online, interacted with customer service, viewed profiles, and read BravoDate reviews. Keep reading for the information you need.

About BravoDate

What is BravoDate

BravoDate is an international dating platform. Its focus is connecting men in America and other Western nations with single women in Eastern Europe. Most of the people who create a BravoDate signin are interested in a long-term relationship. 

Who Uses BravoDate

There are two main groups of people who use BravoDate. The first is the men who use the platform to help them in their search for an Eastern European bride or girlfriend. The second is the single women who create profiles on the platform because they are interested in finding a Western man for long-term relationships or marriage.

Who Will Get The Most Out of BravoDate?

Based on BravoDate reviews and our own research, we conclude that this website works best for people who are:

  • Okay with long-distance dating
  • Prefer marriage or lasting relationships
  • Are willing to invest in a future with the right woman
  • Would like to learn about other cultures

This may not be the right dating platform for people who:

  • Want an erotic or “hook-up” experience
  • Are only interested in free dating
  • Prefer local singles

What Features Are Available on BravoDate?

BravoDate is a robust platform with many features that help to create an enjoyable user interface.

Communication features

Successful international dating requires good communication. Men and women must have a variety of ways to get to know one another, build stronger bonds, and develop trust to eventually connect in real life. Each person has their own unique communication style, so it’s a positive thing that there are so many choices here. Men and women can choose between long and short-form written communication, visual options like video, and even audio communication.

Detailed profiles

There’s so much more to a person than their physical stats. Yes, we know that people have their preferences, and that’s fine. Still, we appreciate how BravoDate allows each person to show their interests, personality, and goals too!

Search and filtering

Many men find they want some control over the women they find on BravoDate. There are several search and filtering options they can use to pinpoint the ideal women for them. For example, they can choose to see women who are online, all women, or women who have previously liked their profile.

There’s also an advanced filtering option. Here, guys can select a specific country, age range, and gender preference. Yes, there are multiple options for both of these. Remember that while dating platforms like these have a core focus, they don’t exclude people based on gender, location, or sexuality.


We highly urge anyone who tries this platform to create an accurate, detailed profile. This information is used to help connect you to the right woman.

Creator program

This is a special program that allows people who have a large social media presence to work with BravoDate to expand on their personal brands while helping to provide users with fun and engaging content.

BravoDate Pros

Is BravoDate real, and is it worthwhile? Here are some benefits that users really appreciate:

  • Many communication choices
  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • BravoDate mobile friendly design
  • Free credits for new users
  • Many women from multiple Eastern European countries

BravoDate Cons

We read several BravoDate reviews and noted a few small issues:

  • There is no BravoDate app available
  • Rare instances of problematic people on the app

Is BravoDate Legit?

Is BravoDate a scam? Is BravoDate legit? Those are two of the most common questions we receive about this or any other dating and marriage website. Let’s get into it!

First, we found no evidence of any sort of BravoDate scam. As with any site, there may be individuals who choose to use their accounts for unethical purposes. However, our research shows that customer support does an excellent job of responding to complaints and ensuring that scammers and fraudulent accounts are quickly eliminated from the system. There are also stringent community guidelines ensuring that people behave in a way that ensures a better experience for all.

So, the answer to the question “Is BravoDate fake?” is resounding now.

How do they keep this platform safe for all? BravoDate maintains policies and procedures that exist for the protection of all.

Terms of use

This is a lengthy document but worth reading. Think of it as the master text in terms of policies and procedures. This is where you can read about your rights and responsibilities as you use the platform and also understand what the obligations of BravoDate are as well.

Payment and refunds policy

Are there instances in which you can request a refund? How are payments handled? Everything you need to know about payments and refunds is outlined for you here.

Disclosures and disclaimers

Before you use this or any other website, you should be aware of how the validation process works, promotional efforts that may impact what you see on the site, and precisely what you are promised (or not promised) when you use this dating platform. When a dating site publishes a document like this, they make it clear that they are not offering up any promises or guarantees that they do not intend to keep.

Privacy policy

Data security should be a priority for any person using any website for any reason. As a consumer, you have the right to know how data collected from you is stored, how it is used, and how it is protected. As an international website, BravoDate is obligated under laws in the EEA (European Economic Area) and EU (European Union). They provide information on use of data and protections accordingly. Additionally, information is provided about compliance with California’s data privacy regulations.

You can also read this document to learn about the platform’s data retention policy, your privacy rights, how data is handled if an account holder is found to be underage, international data transfers, do not track requests, and more.

Cookie policy

Cookies, beacons, pixels, and other tracking instruments are used by this and other websites to provide a seamless user experience. You have the right to determine the level of tracking you are willing to accept. At the same time, you must also agree to some level of degraded performance up to and including a loss of usability. If you wonder how your experience will change if you choose to refuse cookies, this document will let you know.

Anti-scam policy

Unfortunately, fraud happens. This isn’t limited to dating and marriage websites. Any place where people interact online and build relationships is a potential target for scammers. The anti-scam policy details what BravoDate does to keep unethical individuals from using this site to mislead people or take advantage of them.

In addition to this, the anti-scam policy provides several tips for recognizing and avoiding scams. We urge you to read this, and contact support if you are ever targeted.

Dispute management

What do you do if you find yourself in conflict with another user, and you feel as though their behavior goes against community standards? What if you are accused of violating these standards yourself? How do you proceed if you feel as though customer support has mishandled an incident? The dispute management document tells you everything you need to know.

BravoDate delete account

How to delete a BravoDate account? That’s a valid question, and any reputable site will provide a way for you to do this. Here, you have two paths to delete your information. First, if you go into your account details, there is an option there to delete your profile. Additionally, you can use the unsubscribe button to stop receiving any communications from BravoDate in the future.

BravoDate Customer Reviews

As part of our research, we read BravoDate TrustPilot reviews as well as write-ups on other consumer sites like SiteJabber. There, we encountered a few success stories that we found to be very representative of the experiences you might expect on BravoDate.

“On BravoDate it’s different. Here you communicate in a comfortable environment with real people, not bots. The people on the platform are from different countries, you can find a companion based on your interests.” – Alex J (TrustPilot)

“Wow this is a great place to talk to beautiful women. It’s easy to use and they give you 20 free credits. Really beautiful Ukraine women I have to say it again! Just try it out y’all! You will be pleased!” – Ray A (SiteJabber)

Is BravoDate Free?

BravoDate is both a free and a paid site. It is free to go through the BravoDate signup process. Once you do that, you can view profiles of women recommended to you based on your preferences. There’s also an advanced search and filter utility that you may use. Once you find a woman you like, you can say hi or send a wink. This will get the conversation started!

However, if you would like to engage in one-on-one conversations on BravoDate, you will have to spend money. BravoDate premium communication features must be paid for using credits. These include:

  • Sending virtual gifts
  • Sending cute stickers
  • Mail – Longer messages similar to emails
  • Live chat – Real-time conversations with a minimum 10-minute block
  • Messaging – Text messaging with an option of sending photos and videos
  • Video chat – Face-to-face interactions
  • Voice chat – Send short voice clips to deepen connections

How Much Does BravoDate Cost?

Some BravoDate reviews attempt to predict the precise amount of money you might pay to use this dating platform. In truth, there’s just no way to know the precise number of BravoDate credits you’ll use. Every person uses the site differently and has different goals.

We can say that the prices here are quite competitive, and they compare well to other sites. New customers of BravoDate receive 30 credits for free. Additionally, 20 more credits can be purchased for $2.99 which is normally $9.99. Finally, some men choose to use the automatic top-up feature. This ensures they always have adequate credits on hand to communicate with the women they meet.

How Does BravoDate Work?

It didn’t take us very long at all to figure out how guys can get started on BravoDate!

Create a profile

Every user starts out the same way! Answer some questions, fill in some details, and create your profile. You can edit it later, add photos, and personalize it to match your personality. This is also where you’ll show what you’re looking for in a relationship.

Be sure to look out for your verification email!

Search and filter

Now, when you log into BravoDate, you’ll be presented with profiles from women who are online and match your preferences. Check these out, look at all women, or focus on the ladies who have already liked your profile. You can use the filter utility to narrow your search to a relationship type, age range, or country. Don’t forget to check out the people tab if you want a rapid-fire way to check out women and find the right one.


Once you find a wonderful woman, it’s time to get to know her. Reach out for free with a wink or say hello. Then, if things go well, you can use credits to have real conversations.


If you meet someone, and get to know her, you’ll eventually want to take the next step. Is love in your future? It could be. We know there are plenty of women who would love to fall in love with a Western man.

Women Profiles

Is BravoDate a legitimate website? That’s an understandable concern if you’ve had negative experiences with other dating sites. Fortunately, BravoDate fake profiles just aren’t a big problem. 

We didn’t encounter very many credible BravoDate complaints about the women using this platform. Instead, we found some beautiful women who are genuinely interested in chatting with guys. Here are some examples.

Why BravoDate

If you haven’t clicked over to the Bravodate site, what are you waiting for? If you’re a man who is interested in pursuing marriage or long-term love with Eastern European women, you won’t regret creating a BravoDate login. When you do, you will connect with an amazing international community. You’ll also enjoy great features including advanced search, matchmaking algorithms, great content, and multiple communication options. Best of all, you can get started with BravoDate free credits that allow you to test out this dating and marriage platform at no risk. 

Is it perfect? Of course not, but it is among the best cross-cultural dating platforms you’ll find. Most of the Bravodate complaints we encountered were minor, and usually based on isolated incidents. We’re also looking forward to future improvements, (e.g.: making a BravoDate app download available).

So, create an account and get active! Before long, you will meet amazing women, try Bravodate chat online, and join the international community.