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What Men Need to Know When Considering Belarus Brides for Marriage

So, you’ve seen some photos of Belarus women. Maybe you have met one in a college class; maybe a friend of yours has a Belarus wife. However it has happened, you have become just a bit obsessed with these beautiful ladies and are wondering how you can find and meet some yourself.

If this is your goal, you are at the right place. We have developed this guide that will tell you all about Belarus women, what you can look forward to when you choose one for a wife, what they are looking for in a foreign husband, how to meet potential wives, and the whole process from online dating through marriage. 

We urge you to go through this guide carefully, so that you know as much as possible before you dive in and begin the whole process of finding your Belarus bride. What’s more, you will find our recommended Belarus mail-order brides websites – fully reviewed and determined to be not just legitimate but offering the largest number of Belarusian brides and the best features and services.

Let’s get going.

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Everything You Want to Know About Belarus Women

Of course, the first thing you have probably noticed about Belarus women is their beauty – their porcelain skin, their chiseled features, and their trim bodies. And they are tall, between 5’4” and 5’7”. 

But there is far more to Belarus brides than their pretty looks. Here are a number of things about a girlfriend from Belarus that you probably don’t know. But they are important as you consider all that this woman brings to a marriage.

She is smart and educated

About 55% of Belarus brides have college degrees. Only about 37% of their male counterparts have degrees. This speaks to their commitment and determination to work toward their personal and career goals.

Her intelligence goes beyond books. A Belarus wife is a problem-solver. When faced with an issue or challenge, she will take her time, consider all of the circumstances and options, look at the pros and cons, and come up with the most logical solution.

She is involved in government and politics

About 33% of the country’s parliament is made up of Belarus women. They try to be strong advocates for greater rights and freedoms, but that can be risky business in a dictatorship. It’s no wonder that so many Belarus brides look for foreign husbands in countries where democratic principles allow the rights they don’t enjoy at home.

Belarus brides are confident and self-assured

No matter what the circumstances, Belarus wives have a “presence” that is noticed by others around them. They are up for new experiences and happy to be at center stage no matter what the circumstances.  She will be a “social butterfly” at gatherings, mingles well, and loves making others feel comfortable.

Belarus mail order brides speak English

English is a mandatory subject in Belarus from the primary grades forward, along with Belarusian and Russian. And so, your Belarus bride will be fluent in three languages. She will likely pass those languages on to your children which will be to their advantage.

Belarus brides are kind and compassionate

It’s a cultural thing and is passed down by the female population. They nurture their children and are good models of kindness to others. She’s a good listener, shows empathy, and will always be supportive during tough times.

Belarus women have a strong work ethic

Whether it’s at home or work, your Belarus wife will pour her energy and determination into everything she does. She sets goals and goes after them with enthusiasm and resolve, like a bulldog, but will not step over others in the process. 

Young Belarus women are athletic

In international sports competitions, Belarus is always well-represented and performs well. Even those who do not participate in competitive sports are physically active, stay fit, and eat healthy. You can expect your Belarus mail-order bride to bring this into your life too.

Now you see just why seeking a Belarus mail-order bride may be a very smart move on your part. And with all of these traits, it’s time to take a look at who she will be in a marriage.

Just Who are Belarus Brides as Long-Term Wives?

Belarus mail-order brides bring all of their wonderful traits with them when they marry a foreign man, and these translate into all of the following:

They will be loyal and loving 

You have a wife who puts marriage first. She is in it for the rest of her life, through all the good and rough periods, and will bring a logical approach to solving any problems you face alone or together.  In this respect, Belarus brides will avoid letting their emotions control their reactions to issues. She saves the passion and emotion for the bedroom.

They will be a full partner

Belarus mail-order brides come with their education and careers and want to continue to pursue them and contribute financially to the household.

Being a full partner means Belarus brides give their spouses the freedom and independence to pursue their interests and hobbies. In return, they expect to have the same freedom and independence. 

A Belarus mail order wife has strong family values

If you want children, you cannot do better than with a Belarus bride. She will nurture your children, make sure that they excel in school, and support them in all of their outside interests. She will cheer them on from the stands and be in the first row of their dramatic or musical performances. 

Your Belarus bride will be social

Whether it is with family, friends, or co-workers, you will be proud to have her by your side. She is a great conversationalist and has a way of putting everyone around her at ease. Not to mention she will look just amazing!

Why Foreign Men Find Brides from Belarus to Be Perfect Marriage Partners

If you have read the previous section carefully, you now know why so many men choose Belarus brides to be their wives.

But just in case you may have missed anything, let’s just review their appeal:

  • They are drop-dead gorgeous, and you will be proud to have them by your side.
  • They come with college degrees and plenty of common sense in problem-solving.
  • They avoid drama and prefer to mend fences rather than hold grudges
  • They are independent and self-sufficient, but their marriage takes priority
  • They see marriage as an equal partnership in which joint goals are pursued together
  • They are career-minded and seek personal and professional development
  • They are compassionate, kind, and good listeners
  • They are social and friendly in all types of environments and know how to keep a conversation going and put others at ease.
  • They have strong family values and will nurture and raise great kids
  • They love adventure and new experiences and are up for anything
  • They take care of their minds and bodies and will see that you do too.
  • They respect your need for freedom and independence and expect you to respect theirs too.
  • They are passionate and romantic lovers

Need we say more? Look over this list. Can you imagine a wife who could bring any more “to the table” than Belarus wives? We think not.

A Few Success Stories from Men Who Have Used Our Recommended Belarussian Mail-Order Bride Sites

Carl and MariyaCarl knew nothing about Bulgaria until a buddy of his brought home his Belarus bride. After spending some time with them, he knew he wanted to look for a wife from Belarus too. He used the same Belarus mail-order bride platform, set up his profile and preferences, and soon met Mariya, a small shop owner in Brest. As they got into their online dating, it was obvious that they had much in common – the same values about love, marriage, and family, and a streak of independence that each admired in the other. Together, as a married couple, they have become entrepreneurs in the States, opening a line of gift shops featuring Belarusian goods.
Horace and Inna“Inna was a factory supervisor in Mogilev when she joined a Belarus bride site. She was just not interested in living and working in her home country anymore and longed for a foreign husband who would offer love, security, and support for her goals to further her education. Horace, a factory supervisor, joined the same site. He and Inna clicked right away because both had goals of college degrees, believed that marriage was for life, and wanted to defer children until their personal goals were met. All of this they learned through their online messaging. Once they got to video chatting, things turned decidedly romantic. It wasn’t long before Inna arrived for a visit and permanent plans were made.”
Dwayne and Karina“Dwayne met Karina on a Belarus bride site, and she piqued his interest because of her distaste for living in a dictatorship, even though she was a government worker in Minsk and lived comfortably. Dwayne is a political science professor, and their early chats were all about governments and world affairs. But those chats confirmed that they had the same worldview. The video chats confirmed that they shared much more than that, and love grew. They met in Warsaw and married there.”
David and Oksana“What are the chances that an American archaeologist and Belarusian museum curator would ever meet? Slim to none, unless both happen to be on the same Belarus mail-order bride platform. But here they were, David and Oksana, and they found one another. Their love of historical and anthropological research was their initial common ground. But as they continued to talk, they found far more in common than that- their views on love, marriage, trustful and respectful partnerships, and more. Their video chats solidified their romantic relationship, and marriage was the obvious option.”

You could be next!

Here’s How You Meet Amazing Belarus Brides

There are several options for meeting Belarus brides.

Spend time in Belarus

This would be ideal for a man who works remotely because he would be able to spend as much time as necessary meeting and dating Belarussian women.

Use a broker or agency

At one time, these had a rather poor reputation – men could literally buy a foreign bride. Fortunately, there are now laws that prevent this.  If you go this route today, you will pay an upfront fee with no guarantees. And some are outright scams.

Use a reputable Belarus mail-order brides website

This is probably the best method to meet and develop relationships with Belarus brides who want to find a foreign husband. 

This option will take some time and work on your part. 

  • You will need to conduct some pretty deep research among the thousands of online dating services on the web.
  • When you find those that specialize in Belarus brides, you will need to read reviews from reputable sources.
  • You will then need to access those sites, navigate around, review their features and prices, and study their policies and safety protocols

Use a reputable Belarus mail-order bride site that we recommend

Our experts have actually done the work for you. They have done the deep digging and have found the top Belarus mail order bride sites for you – ones with loads of genuine Belarus women, with the best features, reasonable pricing, and the top safety and security protocols. Check them out:

What are the Costs of Finding a Belarus Bride?

You will need to estimate your cost and set up a budget in advance so you are certain to have plenty of money, even some to spare for unexpected expenses. Here is what to expect:

Online expenses

Once you have selected your Belarus mail-order bride website, you will have some decisions to make. While your registration and profile setup is free, you will then need to purchase credits to use its features.

  • You will buy credits for the methods of communication – email, messaging, video chats, phone calls, and live streaming.
  • Most sites offer credit packages and premium features (e.g., access to photos and profiles and gift-giving)
  • Plan on about $200 for a month on the site. The longer you stay and the more women you communicate with, the higher the costs will be.

Offline expenses

You will need to plan on 2 trips, each one for about 2 weeks. Here is a list of what to expect.

  • Travel: This can get a bit tricky. If you live in the U.S., there are no direct flights to Belarus. You will need to fly to another European country and from there into Minsk, the capital city. Check the rates – they do vary.
  • Living Expenses: Accommodations in Belarus are cheap compared to those in the U.S. Your Belarus bride can find them for you and make her recommendations. 
  • Food: The cost of living in Belarus is low in comparison. The exchange rate is $1 US = $3 BYN. So, if you take her to an upscale restaurant for a romantic dinner, the price may be $75 BYN – about $25 US. 
  • Gifts: You will want to buy a variety of gifts for your love, from small mementos to more extravagant ones, perhaps an engagement ring.
  • Gifts for family members. You should plan on these when you meet them for the first time. If possible, take them out to dinner too.
  • The K-1 Visa. To bring your bride home, she will need this – application, physical exam, and interview will run about $1000. And don’t forget the airfare for her too.
  • Wedding. There, here, or in both places? 

Estimate your total expenses accordingly and, again, add on some extra to be on the safe side.

Finding the Best Website for Belarus Brides

We’ve already talked about the work involved if you go it on your own. But let’s briefly review. 

  • You have to personally check out every website you might be considering – reading reviews, getting on them, and “testing” what they offer in the way of features and the number of Belarus mail-order brides on their site. You need one with plenty – the more choices you have the better
  • You have to know what to look for to avoid the scams, and there are plenty of them
  • You have to do reverse-image searches to see if the photos they show are genuine or not
  • You have to fully review their policies and the security protocols to protect your personal and financial information.

Why go through all of this? It could take you months.

Instead, we have done all of this work and have recommended the top sites for you – the best features, the highest numbers of women, reasonable pricing, and top security protocols.

That’s a Wrap

If you have read through this guide, you have everything you need to meet, court, develop a relationship with, and ultimately find and bring your Belarus bride home for a life of love, romance, fun, trust, and mutual goal achievement. She will bring you the joy, happiness, and contentment that many other men can only dream about.