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Find a Venezuelan Wife Online: A Guide to Top Venezuelan Brides

Venezuela is a country that has been in turmoil in recent years. And yet, through it all, the women of Venezuela have met the dangers and the challenges head-on, showing a strength and resiliency that can only be matched by women in just a few other countries on the planet.

Beyond this, single Venezuelan ladies are beautiful, hot, and sexy, most being a rich mixture of European, Amerindian, and African heritage. Most of these Mestizo women have predominantly European traits, but the minor traits add even more beauty.

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North American men looking for foreign brides will find the Venezuelan women for marriage bring a full package of looks, personal strength, energy, determination, intelligence, and strong family values.

Here, men will have the ultimate guide to finding, courting, and winning Venezuelan brides. Our dating experts recommend the following websites to get a Venezuelan bride online:

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A Venezuelan Girl for Marriage: Some Interesting Info

Here are a few facts about Venezuelan women you will find interesting and intriguing.

They don’t all live in Venezuela

Given the political, economic, and social upheaval over the past two decades, a large number of Venezuelan women have migrated to surrounding countries to find opportunities for education, jobs, and careers. Many of them have degrees from Venezuelan universities, but competition for good-paying jobs favors males in their home countries. They are looking for greater gender equality, something life in North America offers.

They have unstoppable energy and enthusiasm

It must be in their DNA. Despite their challenges and struggles, Venezuelan girls have a zest for life, adventure, and excitement. They may attend college classes, participate in a sports team, report to a volunteer activity tutoring young children, go home, and then hit a few clubs with some friends. And this energy doesn’t seem to slow down as they mature into Venezuelan women. Only the activities change to a degree. They work hard, and they play hard too.

They have an uncompromising value system

Venezuelan women are increasingly shunning formal religion. Still, they have been raised in households where strong value systems are in place. Those values include kindness to everyone, loyalty to family and friends, honesty, compassion, fairness, generosity, integrity, self-discipline, and humility. With values like these, Venezuelan brides are high in demand.

They are fashionistas

Modern Venezuelan women are into style and fashion. They follow current trends in both formal and informal dress. With their great shapes, they look great in anything from jeans to cocktail attire. They love accessories and take special care with jewelry, makeup, and such.

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Traits of Venezuela Women in Marriage

If North American men are lucky enough to find, meet, and snag Venezuelan brides, they are in for an amazing ride with their pretty spouses. Here are the traits that your Venezuelan bride will bring to your marriage.

Venezuelan brides will be fiercely loyal

Venezuelan wives pour themselves into their marriages and their husbands. They need to make sure that their husbands are satisfied, comfortable, happy, and well cared for. Their loyalty extends to all facets of their lives, through good times and bad. The marriage vows of “for better for worse, for richer and poorer, through sickness and in health, to love and cherish til death do us part” were made for Venezuelan brides.

Venezuelan brides will contribute

When we say she will contribute, we mean in every way. As a 21st-century modern gal, she is ready to pull her own weight in all areas of your married life. She will put her education to work and fashion a career for herself. She will be a wonderful entertainer for your friends and family. She will be by your side, in full style, and perfectly styled for any event. Her outgoing personality will charm everyone in the room.

In return, she will expect an equal partnership, one based on mutual respect, shared goals and values, and both being involved in the household and raising children.

Venezuelan brides prioritize family

For a Venezuelan wife, nothing comes before her family. When she must choose between family and other interests, family will always win. If and when you have children, she will make sure they have every advantage, that they do well in school, and that they are involved in healthy activities based on their interests, not hers or yours. Your Venezuelan wife will raise your children to be confident, self-assured, and independent, successful adults.

Venezuelan brides have passion

They bring that passion to everything they do, whether it is cooking a gourmet meal, cheering a child on at a baseball game or music performance, or making you feel like a king behind closed doors. Never underestimate all of the good that her passion will do.

Venezuelan Mail Order Brides Seek American Men – Here’s Why

Finding an American husband is like a dream come true for a Venezuelan mail order bride.

Venezuelan brides seek stability

Her home country is in turmoil. And local men hold no promise for her to achieve her goals of genuine love, an equal partnership, and shared goals. American men accept women as partners and want to build a life sharing goals and supporting each other.

Venezuelan mail order brides love American society

They view American diversity as an attractive environment in which to live and raise a family. What’s more, they are in love with the beauty of the country itself.

Venezuelan mail order brides want equality

America is a country in which women enjoy equality of opportunity and independence which is not always possible at home. And their American husbands support their goals for personal and career growth. They return that support with love, loyalty, and a lifetime of adventure and fun.

Some Success Stories from Our Recommended Sites

Here are just a few stories from happy husbands who have found their Venezuelan brides. You could be next.

Marvin and Maritza“As a music promoter, Marvin has been to Barquisimeto many times, during its festivals and other events. He has even brought some music groups back to the States for long-term gigs. It was logical that when he was ready for marriage, he would join a Latino bride website and state his preference for a Venezuelan woman. On that site, he found Maritza, an event planner in his favorite city. Both shared their love of festivals, music, and large event gatherings. But more than that, they began to develop a romantic connection through their video chats and live streams of their work activities. What amazed them both was that it took an online marriage site to find each other. Today, they live in the States and share both a business and an enduring love partnership.”
Stephan and KarinaStephan is an adventure sports enthusiast and has been white-water rafting on the Orinoco River, mountain climbing, and snow skiing in Venezuela many times. His goal for marriage was the find the perfect Venezuelan wife who would share his sense of adventure and provide the love, romance, and spice he was ready to give. On his chosen Latino bride website, he found Karina, a sports tour manager in Merida, a place he had been to several times but at which he had never met her. Karina was ready for marriage and chose to seek an American husband who would honor her sense of adventure, her passion for outdoor sports, and her need to settle into a progressive, loving, and lifelong partnership. They were an instant match, and their online relationship grew into what they both knew was permanent. Today, they are married, raising two amazing kids, and running their own extreme sports tour agency.
Geoff and MercedesMercedes joined a Latin bride’s website because she was ready for the love, stability, security, and progressive lifestyle that marriage to a foreign man would bring. Geoff was there looking for someone like the Venezuelan girls he had met in college. Geoff and Mercedes found each other and began their online romance – a romance that only grew the more online time they spent with one another. Today they live in love, as equal partners in their pursuit of personal and career goals.
Chris and AngelicaHis friends call him the “beach bum with the perfect career.” That’s because Chris manages a resort on the California coast – a job that allows him to soak up the sun and beach nightlife. But it was time to settle down, and he had always wanted a Venezuelan bride, after a brief visit to that country and a taste of their beauty, passion, and fully modern outlook on life. He joined a Latino mail-order bride website and began to look around. Angelica caught his eye. She was beautiful, smart, and career-minded as a restaurant manager for a resort in Puerto La Cruz. She was also looking to find a foreign husband who would not just love her but honor her desire to be productive and contribute to marriage in all ways. They found their romantic connection immediately, and as they continued to communicate, that romance ripened and flourished. Today, Angelica has joined Chris in California as his wife and mother of their first child. Oh, and she manages a nearby restaurant, specializing in Latin-American cuisine.

How to Find a Venezuelan Bride Online

Meeting and dating Venezuelan girls online is not hard, but doing it right is another matter. There are plenty of resources on the Internet, including using a broker or bride-finder agency. In these cases, you will pay upfront fees with no guarantees. And many of them are scams. There are also lots of Venezuelan mail order brides websites, but, again, how to know which ones are genuine?

You have some work ahead of you.

First, you’ll have to conduct some research on possible sites. This will mean reading any reviews you can find.

Second, you have to access those sites, navigate around, and check out all of the features and the costs involved. And you’ll want to get an idea of how many Venezuelan brides they have on the site if they will even give you a number.

Want a better option? Choose one of the Venezuelan mail-order brides sites we have recommended. They’ve all been carefully reviewed and found to be excellent. Here is how you’ll find your Venezuelan wife.

  • Register for free
  • Create your profile and add some great photos
  • Look at all the features and choose the ones you want. You’ll buy credits for these features, either through packages or as separate items.
  • Features include ways you want to communicate with Venezuelan brides, access to their photos and profiles, and even such things as sending digital or real gifts.
  • You’ll narrow your choices to just a few and keep communicating until you find the Venezuelan wife you know is for you.

Once you have found her, it will be time to move to the next level and arrange to meet your potential Venezuelan wife in person.

What are the Costs to Find a Venezuelan Mail Order Bride?

When looking for and finding beautiful Venezuelan brides, men can expect there to be online and offline costs. You’ll want to look at these and plan a budget for the expenses.

Online costs to find Venezuelan brides

These expenses will depend on the credits you purchase and the amount of time you spend finding the perfect girl to marry.

Basic credit packages begin at about $70, but premium features will each cost more. On average, one month on a Venezuelan mail-order brides service site will run about $200.

Offline costs

You’ve found your love. It’s time to meet in person, confirm you are right for each other, plan a wedding, and arrange to bring her home. Do a rough calculation as you consider these expenses.

  • Two round-trip airfares to Caracas – meet her in the capital city.
  • Accommodations. Hotels are reasonable but there are also bargains on Airbnb’s.
  • Food: A meal in an upscale restaurant will be cheap compared to the U.S. – maybe $30. But there are also plenty of fun open markets and street vendors.
  • Entertainment. Let your girl show you around, but be responsible for admission charges. The nightlife in Caracas is rocking, so hit a few clubs and practice your salsa.
  • Gifts – for your bride and her family – from small mementos to pricier as the occasion demands
  • Wedding and K-1 Visa. The visa will run about $1000. Wedding costs are up to you.

Do Venezuelan Women Differ from Their American Counterparts?

The answer is yes and no. So, let’s look at both.


  • Goal-oriented and independent. Both Venezuelan brides and their American “sisters” are independent, goal-oriented, and focused on being self-sufficient. They pursue education and careers.
  • Equal partnership with husbands. Both American and Venezuelan wives see marriage as a partnership in which both husband and wife can pursue their individual and shared goals, as well as their separate outside interests. But make no mistake about it – love and romance are important to both too.
  • Managing career and raising children. Both American and Venezuelan brides believe they can have a career and raise healthy, happy children at the same time. They’ll both be on that athletic field or that concert, cheering on their offspring, and acting as a chauffeur to any activities. And they’ll expect their husbands to be involved too.


  • Passionate vs. more reserved. Venezuelan brides tend to bring more passion to everything they do and openly show that passion. American women may feel just as passionate, but they are not as prone to show it on the outside. This difference has a lot to do with their upbringing.
  • Attitude toward divorce. The statistics say it all. Venezuela has the 6th lowest divorce rate in the world, and this is the environment in which they were raised. On the other hand, many young American women have grown up with divorced parents and see this as normal. They are more prone to divorce rather than stick it out and resolve differences. The divorce rate in the US is between 40-50%.

Some Key Tips for Dating a Bride in Venezuela

Beautiful Venezuelan brides are looking for someone just like you. Your job is to meet them online, find the one, and focus on dating her online at first. Here are some tips and strategies that will make your dating a success.

Don’t rush things online

You may be totally infatuated with her looks and what she has to say in her profile. But don’t assume that she is equally infatuated. She needs to know more about you, as do you about her. Take your time until you feel she is ready for a romantic conversation.

Make it about her

In your conversations, you will want to talk about yourself, of course – what you do, what your interests are, your life goals and values, etc. But it is just as important, if not more, to show your interest in her. Ask open-ended questions about her life, her family, her goals, and such. And show her that you value those with your responses. She needs to know that you respect her values and will support her goals.

When you are ready to meet in person

  • Involve her in all of the planning. She knows her country, you don’t. Rely on her recommendations for when and where you will meet and for the best accommodations. Once you get there, let her be in charge of where you go, where you will eat, and what entertainment she likes. Your job is to enjoy her energy and her passion and to build your romantic relationship with lots of affection, laughter, and fun.
  • Make your intentions clear. If and when you are ready, propose marriage. At this point, you will want to meet her family. Bring gifts and let them know that you want to make this woman your Venezuelan bride. Be respectful and sincere – you want their blessing.

Planning the wedding

She may want a wedding there, with her family and friends. You may want a wedding or at least a reception when you bring her home. Why not both? It’s certainly doable.

  • Getting her home. Take charge of the arrangements for getting that K-1 visa, and help her through the application, the medical exam, and the interview.

Wrapping it Up

American men looking for Venezuelan women for marriage have some work to do to find “the one” who is meant for them. But once they do and marry this woman, they will be in for an amazing life journey with a wife who is loyal, passionate, a great mother, and someone who has the social skills and energy to make them proud at home and in any social situation. Their friends and family will adore her.

How do you accomplish this? You begin by finding the best website that offers you the right features and loads of Venezuelan mail order brides to get to know. Check out our top picks. One will be right for you!