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Cuban Brides: Sparking Passion under Havana Skies

For years, relationships between Cuba and Western countries, especially the US, were almost non-existent. Things have changed. Now there is even a U.S. embassy in Cuba and travel between the two countries. Cuban ladies are now looking to meet and marry foreign men, and foreign men are interested in these beautiful Cuban women. 

If you are looking to find a Cuban bride, then this guide is for you. Here you will learn all about these Cuban girls, what they want in a foreign husband, and the process for meeting, courting, and making one your Cuban bride.

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Some Tidbits of Info About Cuban Women

Given that Cuba is often considered an underdeveloped country, here are some facts about Cuban women that may surprise you.

They are highly educated

Education in Cuba is required through the 9th grade, but Cuban girls go far beyond that. 63% of college graduates are women. So Cuban brides come into marriage career-minded and ready to pursue their careers in their new country.

Cuban women are active in government and politics

Over 50% of the seats in Cuba’s parliament are held by women. This is far more than in any country in the Western developed world.

Cuban brides speak English

While Spanish is the national language, English is required as a second language in all Cuban schools. So your Cuban bride will be easily able to communicate with you while you are dating online and easily able to navigate in her new English-speaking country as your wife.

A Cuban woman is direct

Unlike many who feel a need to be politically correct, Cuban brides don’t take well to those nuances. They speak their mind directly. When dating a Cuban mail order bride, you know where she stands on any issue. Such honesty can be refreshing, unlike other girlfriends who sometimes play games.

Cuban mail order brides are liberated

The traditional role of being a housewife is not one for modern Cuban brides. They hold good jobs and are self-sufficient. Many put off marriage to local men because they want something better. 

There are some recommended websites where you can easily find your Cuban bride online:

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Why Are Cuban Brides Special?

Many things. But let’s focus on those traits that stand out. 

Their looks

They are natural beauties, with skin tones ranging from porcelain to gorgeous ebony. Those skin tones come from the diverse ethnic groups who have inhabited Cuba over time – European, African, and native – and intermarried.

Appearance is very important to Cuban women. It’s a full package to them – just enough makeup to highlight their complexions, eyes, and mouth; a trim body that is maintained by diet and exercise; and the latest clothing styles for work, social activities, and casual wear. Cuban brides are already fully immersed in the latest fashion and have been because of American influence over the years, even during those when official relations between the two countries were cut off.

A high-energy passionate personality

Look no further than Gloria Estefan if you want to understand the energy and passion of Cuban women. Coming to the U.S. in 1960 with her mother, she faced discrimination but didn’t let that stop her. She brought her Cuban music style and put “Miami Sound Machine” on the map, despite feedback that the style would never “go” in America. She didn’t stop there. She and her husband formed Estefan Enterprises, opening restaurants and resorts and even purchasing a stake in the Miami Dolphins.  As she once said, “…I was replanted in American soil, but I was watered with Cuban sun and Cuban water.”

On a smaller scale, Cuban brides have the same determination, grit, and “fire” in their souls. They will bring this to their marriage and to their new-found life. Be prepared for an amazing journey with this fireball.

Dedication to success at home and at work

Some call it “work ethic.” Whether it is maintaining a perfect household, pouring herself into her career, or both, Cuban mail order brides will pour their hearts and souls into whatever they want to accomplish. All they ask of their husbands is emotional support. 

What Are Cuban Girls Looking for in Foreign Husbands?

At home, a Cuban woman has a tough time finding a husband who matches her goals and needs. In foreign men, she looks for the following:

  • A husband who wants an equal partnership of support, loyalty, and trust
  • A husband who will actively participate in the raising of their children
  • A husband who supports her career goals and ambitions
  • A husband who is “up” for fun, adventure, and an active social life
  • A husband who brings love, romance, and passion to their relationship
  • A husband who supports the freedom and independence for both of them to pursue their own outside interests

If this sounds like your idea of a perfect life partner, then a Cuban mail-order bride is probably for you. And it’s time to get online and find your perfect mate. You’ll be looking at a lifetime of joy and contentment.

Just How and Where Can You Meet a Cuban Bride?

You have some options for finding a Cuban woman to marry. 

Use a broker or an agency

In years long gone, foreign men could literally buy Cuban brides. But most Western countries have laws against this now and some strict requirements about marrying foreign women. In the U.S., for example, the couple must show documentation that they have been together in person within 90 days of bringing the bride into the U.S.

Brokers and agencies still exist today, but they charge non-refundable upfront fees with no guarantees. And as with any business, there are fraudsters out there.

Use Cuban mail-order brides websites

There are lots of choices here. And you should be aware that Cuban women have spent a lot of money getting registered on these huge international dating sites. Getting noticed, though, is another matter. They’re just too big.

It’s much more efficient for them to register for free on a reputable Cuban mail-order brides website, where foreign men can also register for free. Fortunately, Cuban women are smart, and they have realized that this is the way to go. There are now huge numbers of them on the sites we are recommending in this guide. Their services are reliable and clear, and foreign men only pay for the features they want, in order to connect with Cuban brides, date and communicate with them online, and ultimately find the pretty sexy Cuban woman who will become their wife.

Instead of combining all around the web for a reputable site, use one we have reviewed and certified as legit.

Can You Find Cuban Women in the USA?

Absolutely you can. My goodness. Given the long-term exodus of Cubans from that country over the past decades, many being families with small children, there is now a large pool of single Cuban women who have grown up in America and who have totally assimilated into U.S. culture, values, and lifestyles. Most of them can be found in the Miami area, although some of them have moved to other parts of the country in pursuit of their careers.

So, how and where do you find them? Here are some sources:

  • There are lots of local groups of Cuban women who enjoy each other’s company and have a lot to share about their experiences as Cuban females in America. You can conduct a search for these and try to meet Cuban singles through them.
  • There are Cuban social clubs, called Cuba casas (Cuba houses). You can attend their events, mingle with Cuban ladies, get to know them, and ask them for dates. While many of them are in the Miami area, they do exist in other cities too.
  • Sign up for dance classes – mambo, rhumba, salsa, and even the fusion of Cuban music with hip-hop and rap.  You’ll meet plenty of Cuban women and learn to dance at the same time.

What if you can’t or don’t meet the right Cuban woman in America?

It’s certainly possible. So what else can you do? If you are determined to make one of these intelligent, passionate, loyal, and hot Cuban ladies your life partner, then you have two other options.

  • Travel to Cuba. Why not? If you want to get to know Cuban women, why not do that in their environment? It does make sense if a man has the wherewithal to take a vacation or personal time required to meet and develop an intimate romantic relationship.
  • Meet Cuban brides on specific websites. And that’s what this guide is all about. Find a website that meets your needs, and go for it.

Our Success Stories

Camden and Maria“When travel to Cuba opened up to Americans, Camden was in high school. Right after college graduation, he and some buddies went to Cuba and returned totally infatuated with native Cuban women. All three of them signed up on a Cuban mail-order bride site, determined to find their perfect match for a wife. Camden met Maria, a government worker in Havana who longed to find an American husband and the equality that would give her a true and loving partnership. They clicked on mutual interests in history. But as they continued their online dating, far more mutual things showed up – their beliefs about marriage and family, their views about equality in romantic partnerships, and more. Camden and Maria are forever grateful they found each other and love.”
Oliver and Lucia“Lucia joined a Cuban bride website looking for a foreign husband who would love, honor, and respect her desire for the freedom that life in a Western democracy would provide. On that site, she ran into Oliver, an American restaurant owner. Food was their initial commonality as they began their online dating. Lucia talked about all of the amazing Cuban dishes she concocted as a chef, and Oliver spoke to his growing business. While food was the first connection, video chats soon turned to talk of values and dreams for love and marriage. By the time Oliver went to Trinidad to meet his love, marriage was a foregone conclusion. They might never have found each other were it not for that website. Lucia has brought her amazing recipes to Oliver’s restaurants, but they have a far deeper relationship – a love that both say will last forever.”
Dylan and Mariana“Dylan traveled to Cuba often, looking for musical groups he could bring to the States for gigs he organized all over the U.S. He joined a Cuban bride website, deciding that these women had all of the qualities he wanted in a wife.How amazing that he met Mariana, an organizer of music festivals in Santiago de Caba. They connected immediately over their mutual love for music. But it turned into much more than music. As they continued their online dating, it was clear that they had a strong emotional and romantic connection too. Long story short. This online romance became real with their marriage and a career partnership.”
Bryon and Gabriela“Who would have thought that two people, both having the same career backgrounds and both seeking spouses, and living in separate countries would find each other and love online?  The truth is, it happens all the time, just as it did for Bryon and Gabriela, one living in California and one in Varadero, Cuba. They connected on a Cuban mail-order bride site because of their mutual work in the hospitality industry. They connected romantically as their online dating progressed. Today, these two are over the moon in love, celebrating 3 years of bliss and their first child. Yes, love conquers boundaries when technology for online dating is involved.”

Marrying Cuban Mail Order Brides – The Legal Stuff

Given the sketchy history of mail-order brides, it is only natural that many men may wonder if using a Cuban mail order bride website is even legal. Let’s look at this legal stuff, so you have the facts.

It’s online dating

No matter how Cuban mail order brides websites may be set up, they are no different from any other online dating service, and these have been around and fully legal since the 90s. Online dating and relationships even with foreigners are totally legal.

There are some laws in place

Because human trafficking has become an issue worldwide, there are some laws in place that relate to mail-order bride services, as well as to brokers and agencies. For example, no American man can bring a woman into the U.S. on a K-1 fiancée visa, unless they have physically been together within the last 90 days before that visa is issued.

Most of the other laws related to mail-order bride platforms relate to prostitution, but those are state, not federal laws.

Understanding IMBRA

The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, passed in 2005, does regulate some dating services, mostly brokers. Any American citizen using a marriage broker or agency must submit a criminal background check. And before a K-1 visa is issued to a foreigner for the purpose of marriage requires a physical exam and a background check.

If you use a regular online Cuban mail-order brides website, though, you will not have to submit a background check.

Another important thing to remember is this: what also makes an online mail-order bride platform legal is the fact that any foreign woman on that site can choose whom to communicate with and can stop communicating with anyone as she chooses. There is no coercion involved.

The Costs of Meeting and Marrying a Cuban Mail Order Bride

There are two parts to this process for men – first meeting and “dating” their Cuban girlfriends online and, then, if all goes well, meeting in person, probably twice. So, let’s look at a brief rundown of the cost involved.

Online expenses

You register for free. Then you look at all of the features and decide which ones you want. To use those features, you buy credits. Most sites have credit packages that offer the various methods you can use to communicate with – email, messaging, phone calls, video chats, and live-streaming. Other features are sold individually, such as access to photos and profiles of mail brides on the site or sending gifts, both digital and real.

The longer you stay on the site and the more Cuban brides you communicate with, the greater the cost. The average cost will be about $200 a month.

Offline expenses

Once you have chosen your Cuban bride, you will want to meet her in person. For this, you will need a passport and a visa. You can go by boat from Miami or by air, flying into Havana from major cities in the U.S. You should plan on two trips of about two weeks each. Plan on the following costs:

  • Round-trip fares
  • Hotel accommodations – hotels are reasonable
  • Meals – a few romantic dinners and other more reasonable meals in cafes or markets/street vendors
  • Gifts for your bride and her family members
  • K-1 visa – about $1000

The first trip is to develop an intimate relationship and decide that you both want to marry. The second trip will be to meet family and friends, make arrangements for a wedding, and bring her home.

Why Do Men Want to Date a Cuban Woman?

If we have not convinced you yet, let’s go over this once again, so you’ll remember why dating and marrying a Cuban woman is so amazing.

  • She is the perfect blend of everything a man could want in a wife, in addition to her physical beauty.
  • She will bring passion to your relationship, both within your home and your bedroom. She just puts energy and enthusiasm into everything she does.
  • She brings education and intelligence. She is career-minded, speaks English, and can socially mingle with everyone – your family, friends, co-workers, etc.
  • She is family-oriented and will nurture your children, ensuring that they have all the advantages to pursue their interests. 
  • She respects your need for independence and freedom to pursue your individual interests and activities
  • She wants a full and equal partnership based on mutual loyalty, respect, and trust
  • She will support you and “have your back” even when times get tough. She will never let you down and will work with you to resolve any challenges you may face.

How To Go About Dating Cuban Brides

The process is not complicated once you find the best mail-order bride website for your needs.

Finding the best site

If you go it alone, you have work to do. You start with an online search and then begin to go through them, reading reliable reviews, accessing them, performing your own “test” to see what they offer, and trying to weed out the scams. It’s exhausting.

We’ve done that work for you. We have provided the top Cuban mail-order bride websites that our experts have already tested and now recommend. Check them out. One will have what you are looking for.

Register and set up your profile

Registration is free. But do work on putting together an interesting and fun profile that highlights your great qualities. Add some great action photos, and you’re good to go.

Choose the features you want

They come in packages or as individual items, and you’ll buy credits to have them.  Make sure you get those that are going to let you communicate with your matches and have access to their photos and profiles too.

Start communicating with the top few you select

Get to know them well. Eliminate them, one by one, until you have found the Cuban bride you want. Nail her down to an exclusive relationship and make arrangements to meet her in person.

Note: Don’t take too long – she may slip through your fingers!

That’s a Wrap

If you have read through this guide, you now know everything there is to know about amazing Cuban women and why they make such wonderful wives. You also know how and where to meet them, how to “date” them online, and how to finalize that relationship in person with your chosen one. You are about to embark on the best journey of your lifetime. Go forth, find your Cuban bride, and live your best life!