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Asian Beauties: A SakuraDate Review

Welcome to our review of If you’re interested in finding a mail-order bride or starting a long-term relationship with an Asian woman, you’ve probably heard of SakuraDate. You may be reading this because you’re interested in getting some insights before spending time or money.

Rest assured! Our SakuraDate review has all of the information you need. Here are some of the steps we took to research this Asian dating service and provide you with our recommendations.

  • Navigated the website
  • Reviewed policies and features
  • Read SakuraDate reviews on other sites
  • Interacted with customer support
  • Reviewed multiple user profiles
  • Conducted price and benefit comparisons to other dating sites

Thanks to this hard work and research, we can write this detailed overview and provide readers with our conclusions. Keep reading to learn more about this mail-order bride platform.

About SakuraDate

What is SakuraDate?

SakuraDate is a popular, international dating platform. It’s also relatively new, which is a great indicator of just how fast this service has caught on. This is easily a top ten site for mail-order brides. Its primary focus is matching Western men with women in Asia. Most users are searching for mail-order brides or long-term connections. 

While the primary focus here is marriage and long-term relationships, the site is open to others. There are certainly men who use the site simply to chat with beautiful women. Likewise, some women are interested in friendships and casual dating. Still, it’s important to know that this was designed as a place that fosters lasting relationships, and not a “hook up” or “casual encounters” dating site.

SakuraDate features overview

The site offers multiple communication features, the ability to search profiles, and recommendations based on user preferences and relationship goals. Users are able to send pictures and multimedia files to one another to get to know one another better. The website is mobile-friendly and works on all standard browsers.

SakuraDate Pros

After researching this mail-order bride website, we were able to identify several positive characteristics of SakuraDate. Here are just a few of them.

  • Responsive and professional customer service
  • Excellent balance of male-to-female users
  • Advanced search filter
  • Smart recommendations
  • Excellent offers on credits
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Good track record of privacy and security
  • Adequate response to scam and fraud complaints

SakuraDate Cons

While our experiences with this dating site were overwhelmingly positive, a few SakuraDate reviews written by other customers had some suggestions for improvement. These were:

  • The lack of a mobile app
  • Occasional slow response time on the website

Is SakuraDate Legit?

Let’s not be deceptive. When you ask, “Is SakuraDate legit?” you want to know if there are any SakuraDate Scam issues or allegations. We’re happy to report that SakuraDate is a legitimate website. They have procedures and policies designed to ensure the privacy and security of their users. This dating and matchmaking service also offers excellent customer support, a great interface, and delivers its features as promised. 

Does SakuraDate promise that you will find a mail-order bride or fall in love with an Asian woman you meet there? Of course not! No reputable website would ever make that guarantee. Instead, this site promises that men will have the opportunity to connect with Asian women thanks to a large selection of single ladies who have signed up to SakuraDate to find love with a man from the West.

These are the features that should boost potential users’ confidence in choosing this platform.

Verified profiles

SakuraDate implements a manual verification process on user profiles. This takes time, but ensures that a human has reviewed every profile to ensure that it’s legitimate.

Accessible policies

As we researched for this SakuraDate review we were able to find several policy pages that clearly outline the duties and responsibilities of the platform and users. We encourage everyone to review these on any dating platform before joining.

Terms and conditions

This is something of a master document that contains information about SakuraDate and its business relationship with its customers, partners, etc. It details who is eligible to use this platform, and informs the user that by using the site they agree to its policies. It also provides extensive detail on on-site operations, intellectual property, privacy compliance, disclaimers, and more.


This provides standard information about the site’s use of cookies and other tracking methods. It explains the user’s rights and responsibilities regarding cookies and the impacts of any decisions relating to those.


Users who want to know the refund policies of SakuraDate can read this policy page to gather the information they need.

Community standards

A reputable, international dating site must take steps to ensure that user behavior always meets basic standards of decency, is legal, and never places others at risk for harm or exploitation. The community standards page details content and behaviors that are not allowed. This includes rules against posting violent, graphic, or illegal content; using the site for commercial purposes; sharing contact information on profile pages; account sharing; and promoting illegal activities.

Automatic top-up

Some users may wish to have their accounts topped up automatically so they can continue communicating with women undisrupted. This page provides details on how this works.

Customer support

We understand that not every user wants to read lengthy policy documents. Although, we will also caution that all policies apply to all users whether they’ve read them or not. Still, users are also free to contact customer support with any questions they have about policies, rules, procedures, and available features. The team here does an excellent job of answering questions with the proper details and ensuring that customers fully understand their rights and obligations.

SakuraDate Customer Reviews

We read reviews about this dating platform on reputable, consumer review sites like SiteJabber and niche sites that specialize in dating site reviews. We found that the reviews were mostly positive, and some success stories were quite noteworthy.

We have selected a few of these that we believe are pretty representative of the average user experience on Sakura Date

From SiteJabber

Alejandro says: “This site has many Asian girls with real photos and lots of online users. I like to chat with new people here.”

Michael G. says: “It’s a really great experience. The girls here are just incredibly beautiful, I’ve always loved Asian girls. And they are very, very open to communication, it’s just great.”

Harold T. says: “Definitely a great experience. I have never seen so many beautiful Asian women! I’m just delighted! Now I text with several ladies, and it is very pleasant communication. I hope to find my one and only.”

Is SakuraDate Free?

SakuraDate is not entirely free. The women who use SakuraDate are able to create a profile for free and aren’t charged any money to communicate with men. Men can create detailed profiles free of charge, scroll through or search profiles of Asian women, and engage in some very basic communication at no charge.

However, once a man decides he is interested in one-on-one communication with a woman he will have to pay for that. There is a charge to engage with women using live chat, send messages, or write letters. On Sakura Date, letters allow people to engage in long-form communication. There’s also audio and video messaging, winks, and the say hello feature.

How much do credits cost? Men can buy credits in batches. The prices start at 12.99 and go up to 200 dollars. The number of credits varies from 35 to 1000 credits.

Are there special offers? Yes, there are special prices available. New users get an introductory price of 2.99 for 35 credits. There may also be additional special offers throughout the year. Users may use standard online payment processes to buy credits. We did not find any complaints relating to payment safety and security. It appears as though the site uses widely accepted protocols for accepting and processing payments.

How Does SakuraDate Work?

Here, we’ll focus on SakuraDate and its functionality for men who are interested in dating single, Asian ladies. We went through the steps required and found that it was quite easy to create a profile and begin using this platform. Here are the steps required.

Create a free profile

Men only have to enter a bit of information to create a basic, free profile. This includes info like name, DOB, gender, and email. Once this data is input, you have a free, basic profile.

Once that is complete, men can add more detail to their profiles. They can add a bio, provide physical details, mention their hobbies and interests, and provide more info about what they are looking for in a wife or girlfriend. Men can also upload photos of themselves.

SakuraDate recommends being as detailed as possible. This helps the engine that drives recommendations to be more accurate. Additionally, single women who read men’s profiles on this site are more likely to respond to detailed profiles that they know have a good chance of being compatible with them.

Profile verification

While many sites use automated verification methods, SakuraDate opts to verify each profile manually. This may take a bit more time but leads to greater user confidence.

Search and matchmaking

Once a user has created his profile and its been verified he is free to use all of the features on the site. Most men will spend their initial time on the platform searching for profiles that meet their criteria. There’s also a matchmaking algorithm that lists the most compatible profiles first.


As men find Asian women who interest them, they may reach out to initiate communication. They may send a wave or wink. If the woman responds, then deeper communication can begin. Men have control over the communication methods they use based on their personal preferences and the amount of credits they are willing to buy.

Personal information exchange

After sufficient communication has taken place, a man may request contact information from the woman he’s been pursuing on SakuraDate. If approved, he may then pursue a relationship with her outside of the site. This includes the potential for connecting via email, texting, using other social media sites, and meeting in person.

Women’s Profiles

On Sakura Date, women’s profiles and photos must meet basic standards of decency and legal behavior. Obscene or graphic images and content are not allowed. However, there is plenty of room for women to be fun, sexy, and flirtatious. We found that most profiles were quite engaging and had plenty of photos. Women were also quite responsive to communication requests.

Here are a few examples:

These examples provide a clear picture of the women that can be found on this profile. The women here are friendly, sociable, educated, and interested in meeting Western men. 

Why SakuraDate

It’s probably clear that we enthusiastically endorse SakuraDate. It meets or exceeds all standards on the most important factors of an international dating or mail-order bride platform. It has a large user base with plenty of single women. Men can choose from several communication options, and using the premium features on Sakura Date doesn’t require spending excessive amounts of money. Guys who make an effort to create a good profile, use the site daily, and engage with women are very likely to get great results here.

We were also impressed with this site from a technical and design perspective. The website was easy to navigate. This includes the advanced search feature, premium communication options, and the ability to contact customer support.

Speaking of customer support, mentioning the customer service team at Sakura Date is important. Every experience we had with them was excellent. They were extraordinarily helpful and responsive. We received answers to our questions quickly and had our concerns taken quite seriously. 

Final Verdict: Highly Recommend

This is a reputable site that is managed well. It’s easy to navigate, secure, and it provides single men with a varied choice in Asian women. Every feature works well and allows users to determine precisely what works best for them. This is backed by our research as well as reviews from multiple reputable websites. If you are interested in pursuing a relationship with a woman from Asia, SakuraDate belongs on your short list.