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A LoverWhirl Review: Foreign Bride Seekers

If you are looking for a foreign wife, then you have good company – millions of other men are doing the same. And if you are like most of these men, you have probably figured out that using an online mail-order bride site is the best way to go.

But how to know which are legitimate and reliable? That’s where we come in. Our experts investigate these websites, digging deep into all of their features, security, policies, and quality/authenticity of women members, and more.

This review of LoverWhirl is based on our investigation. You will find all of the info you need to decide if the LoverWhirl website is for you.

LoverWhirl homepage

How We Conduct Our Reviews

To research LoverWhirl, here are just some of the steps we took:

  • Accessed the LoverWhirl website and navigated through all of its pages to check the ease of user use
  • Reviewed all features, policies, community standards, member screening and verification, privacy policy, and scam prevention information
  • Checked the LoverWhirl reviews on major consumer review sites
  • Registered on the LoverWhirl website, used the basic free features, and interacted with the LoverWhirl customer support staff
  • Reviewed user profiles and photos and did a reverse image check on Google to check some of them out
  • Checked LoverWhirl pricing for features and compared them to those of other reputable mail-order bride websites.

After all of this research, we are ready to provide this detailed review and our conclusions about the quality of LoverWhirl. Read on.

About LoverWhirl

Loverwhirl is a relatively new mail-order bride website, but the fact that so many men have registered in this short timeframe, and have stayed on the site, is a testament to it meeting their dating and relationship needs. 

The primary purpose of LoverWhirl is to connect Western men with foreign brides who are looking for marriage or at least long-term romantic relationships. The LoverWhirl website states this pretty clearly.

At the same time, LoverWhirl wants to foster cultural exchange and communications across borders, so there are many men who join with the objective of simply chatting with foreign women for friendship purposes. Loverwhirl welcomes these users, but it is important to remember that Loverwhirl is primarily a platform for men and women looking for long-term serious relationships. And it is definitely not a place for casual dating and hookups.

Overview of LoverWhirl Features

The most “standout” features of the Loverwhirl website are the easy registration and LoverWhirl login procedures, its multiple communication methods, the ease of profile creation and uploading of plenty of photos, and LoverWhirl website matching suggestions based on profiles and preferences. Both male and female users can send photos, videos, and livestreams to each other too. 

The LoverWhirl website can be downloaded and accessed on any device and using all common browsers.

Pros of LoverWhirl

Our research and experiences with LoverWhirl resulted in a number of positive impressions. Among the most important are the following:

  • An easy-to-use and navigate LoverWhirl website
  • Good system for match recommendations 
  • Solid security and privacy protocols
  • Policies regarding user behavior while on the LoverWhirl website
  • Secure LoverWhirl login procedures
  • User identity verification
  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer service staff
  • Clear and transparent pricing
  • Pay-as-you-go competitive pricing
  • Advanced search filters
  • Large number of female users


While we did not have any negative experiences, there were some comments by some users on LoverWhirl review sites.  These included:

  • Occasional slow load and response time 
  • Some features cost a lot

Is LoverWhirl Legitimate?

Yes. We can absolutely report that LoverWhirl is a legitimate and reputable platform. 

  • First, there are policies and procedures in place that govern how the LoverWhirl website functions and how members use the site appropriately.
  • Second, there are top protective security and privacy protocols, including a secure Loverwhirl login.
  • Third, there is member verification in place to protect against fake profiles and scams
  • Fourth, there is a good balance between male and female members
  • Fifth, customer service is excellent
  • Sixth, features and pricing are clearly explained, with no hidden costs or fees
  • Seventh, the interface is user-friendly

An important note here: There are no LoverWhirl guarantees that members will meet, fall in love, and end up married or in a long-term relationship. Any website that promises this is not legit. What the Loverwhirl website does promise is that there is a large number of foreign ladies looking for love with Western men, and you can easily connect with them. Where it goes from there is up to you and the women you choose to connect with.

Check out the detailed features if you still are unsure.

LoverWhirl Features in Detail

Profile verification

Loverwhirl has a strict verification process for everyone who registers on its website. It is completed by humans, not a machine. If it takes a bit of time for that to happen and be able to use your Loverwhirl login, understand that everyone’s safety and freedom from scammers is what makes the Loverwhirl website so clean.

Clear policies

The LoverWhirl website contains policy pages that everyone should review before they begin their first LoverWhirl login process. These can be accessed by clicking on the links at the bottom of every LoverWhirl website page.

  • Terms and Conditions: This is a legal document that we urge you to review. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of LoverWhirl and all of its users. Once you register and complete your first LoverWhirl login, you are bound by all of these terms and conditions for using the LoverWhirl website. 
  • Cookies: This LoverWhirl policy explains its use of cookies to enhance user experiences and outlines your rights and responsibilities and the impact of decisions you make regarding acceptance or rejection of them.
  • Refunds: This page explains the LoverWhirl policy on refunds. Review it so you understand eligibility and the process for requesting a refund.
  • Community Guidelines: This page relates to the LoverWhirl standards for user behavior – the content, photos, and anything that might be harmful to other users. The guidelines are very clear. In addition to inappropriate content, the LoverWhirl website may not be used for commercial purposes, prohibits the sharing of personal contact information in profiles, sharing an account with others, or promotion of any illegal activity. Any reputable online dating platform will have published community standards.
  • Customer Support Regarding Policies: LoverWhirl staff want to make sure you understand all of its policies. If you have any questions, contact them for clarification. We did just as a “test,” and found the answers clear and understandable.

LoverWhirl Success Stories

As mentioned, part of our LoverWhirl review process involves checking out what actual users have posted on major consumer review platforms. Here are just a few happy stories posted on SiteJabber:

From Janet: “My obesity has been an obstacle to my whole life. I’m sure it’s the reason why I’ve never had a serious relationship with a guy. Diets don’t help me, physical activity is forbidden by doctors. I had to come to terms with my obesity. I registered on LoverWhirl service and met a man there who likes girls like me. I like him very much, we have been communicating for two weeks now.”

From Pat J.: “I recently learned about the existence of the international platform LoverWhirl. There are so many photos and profiles of people from different countries. It is simply not realistic not to meet someone here, every day I receive a large number of letters.”

From Genry O.: “I signed up for this site about two months ago. All the girls are real, and have already found a girlfriend. I recommend this site to all single men.”

If you want to read more LoverWhirl reviews, just access Sitejabber or Trustpilot. Better yet, if you have a success story to post, add a LoverWhirl review of your own.

Is LoverWhirl Free?

Let’s be honest from the get-go. For Western men seeking foreign women, it is not. For women, it is. The reasoning is this: the site exists to foster connections between foreign ladies and Western men. In order to ensure that there is the largest number of women possible, LoverWhirl administrators made the decision to provide free use and access to features for them. 

Now let’s take a look at what men are looking at in terms of cost.

Registration and profile

Men register, set up their LoverWhirl login, and then create a profile for free. On that profile, they can add photos and videos too.

Searching for women

Men can also conduct a basic LoverWhirl search for women free of charge. They will have access to a photo and only some basic information.

Once a man decides to connect personally with a woman, the costs begin.


There are costs for features a man chooses to use, in the form of credits. Most of these will be forms of communication – emails, messaging, video chats, and livestreams.

There are credit packages that offer a better deal on credits, and users can do automatic top-offs, so that the same package will be re-upped as current credits expire.

Beyond the basic communication credits, men can purchase individual premium credits for additional features, such as sending digital or actual gifts.

We compared LoverWhirl pricing with that of other reputable foreign bride websites and found them to be comparable.

Also worthy of note: Payments for LoverWhirl credits seem to be safe and secure, using top SSL security protocols. We found no complaints about payment security.

The Basics of How LoverWhirl Works for Western Men

For men, there are easy steps to follow to get themselves connected with foreign women. Here’s how it all works.

Register and create a profile

Registration is very easy. A man provides some basic personal information that is secured.  He then sets up LoverWhirl login information with a username and password. 

Creating that profile

Profile creation is an important part of the process of finding the right woman. LoverWhirl suggests that men hit the highlights of who they are, perhaps add a bit about their hobbies and interests, their work, etc., and of course their preferences for marriage or a relationship.

Photos may be added too, and, again, Loverwhirl suggests that these be action shots that show a man in his natural environment engaged in activity. 

Identity verification

Once someone has completed these steps, LoverWhirl takes the identity verification step, and it may take a bit of time before the LoverWhirl login can proceed.

The search and matching process

Once the verification process is complete, men are free to use all of the features on the LoverWhirl website. There are two ways that a search can happen. 

  • They may search through the profiles and get limited information to choose a few they want to connect with.
  • They can receive matches presented by the LoverWhirl algorithm based on their profiles and their stated preferences.

Time for LoverWhirl dating

Once men have selected a few women to pursue, LoverWhirl dating begins. This is the point at which paid communication features kick in. 

LoverWhirl dating depends on communication, and users can choose among several types. Male users control the types of communication they want to use and reach out to their chosen women. 

Exchange of personal information

Once a man has selected a woman he is serious about, and if she agrees, the next level of LoverWhirl dating is the exchange of personal information to continue off-site communication and, if all goes well, make arrangements to meet in person.

About Those LoverWhirl Female Profiles

Part of our LoverWhirl review involved checking out several female profiles for authenticity. On many disreputable sites, stock photos are used, and profiles are not genuine either. Sites do this just to increase the number of women they have.

We randomly selected several profiles and did a reverse image search via Google. Fortunately, all of those profile photos were legitimate.

The other thing we found was that those photos and limited profile content, while flirtatious, were well within the community standards of the LoverWhirl website.

Here are some examples of typical female users:

LoverWhirl profiles

As you can see, these LoverWhirl female users are engaging, friendly, highly social, and educated. And all are looking for a Western man.

Should You Use LoverWhirl?

If you have studied this LoverWhirl review, you have probably concluded that, based on our investigation, we feel very good about the LoverWhirl platform. We have strict standards, and this website has met them all and exceeded them in some instances.

  • The user base of women is large
  • Guys have lots of options for searching, selecting, and communicating with their choices, as well as some premium features that are not terribly expensive.
  • If men are serious, they will create a great profile, stick with using the LoverWhirl website as often as possible, and should ultimately find the woman they desire.
  • From a design perspective, the LoverWhirl site has a great interface and is easy to navigate.
  • Customer support is solid. Every time we contacted them, we got clear, friendly, and helpful responses.

We were also impressed with this site from a technical and design perspective. The website was easy to navigate. This includes the advanced search feature, premium communication options, and the ability to contact customer support.

The Final Verdict

LoverWhirl has our highest recommendation.