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OrchidRomance -Your Ticket to Asian Romance?

Maybe you have encountered Asian women in a variety of settings. You shared classes with them. You traveled to an Asian country or two on vacation or for business. There are some in your current social circle of friends. Nevertheless, you have been impressed with many things about them – their stunning beauty, their intelligence, their values and honesty, and their friendly nature. 

Now you have decided that an Asian woman would be the perfect partner for you. And you are wondering how to meet and connect with her. Well, you could continue to try to meet them locally – kind of a “hit and miss” approach.

Or you could join a reputable international dating service and have a more streamlined approach to meeting and connecting with her. There are plenty out there. Some are huge dating sites with only small Asian sections; some are pretty sketchy with very small numbers of users; some are outright scams. But when you find a good one that specializes only in Asian women, you will have the best approach to reach your goal.

And that is the purpose of the OrchidRomance review. Here is a dating website that is devoted exclusively to Western men who want to connect with Asian women for a lasting partnership.

Read on for all of the details.

About OrchidRomance

OrchidRomance is an online international dating service that specializes in matching Western men with Asian women for the purpose of permanent partnerships/marriage. 

OrchidRomance in a nutshell

Here are the major points about OrchidRomance that we’ll review in more detail as this review progresses:

  • Users register, set up their profile, and have some search features for free
  • There is a newsfeed feature that contains posts and photos from women 
  • Detailed profiles include some background info, relationship goals, interests, hobbies, and what someone is looking for in a partner
  • There are multiple ways for men and women to communicate
  • Men can search and view introductory profiles of women on OrchidRomance but must use credits to get the full profiles and photos and begin to communicate
  • New members get some free credits but will buy credit packages or a la carte credits for some premium features

Who OrchidRomance is for

Western men who want a serious relationship with an Asian woman should use the OrchidRomance dating site.

Asian women who seek a permanent partnership/marriage with a Western man.

Who OrchidRomance is not for

Any Western man or Asian woman who is looking for a casual hookup or some kind of local relationship should use an online dating service other than OrchidRomance.

Now, let’s get down to the details.

OrchidRomance Pros & Cons

Every dating site has its good and bad points, and OrchidRomance is no exception. After one of our team joined and was able to experience all that OrchidRomance offers, here are our conclusions:


  • OrchidRomance has over 200K members with more than 14K logins every day.
  • A good and large variety of communication features
  • Free services allow preliminary searches
  • Users can use filters based on their preferences
  • New users take a quiz to help the matching process
  • Responsive OrchidRomance customer support is available 24/7


  • There is no mobile dating app. Users must access the website on their mobile devices
  • Some of the women’s profiles lack enough detail
  • Visitors cannot access such things as the FAQ section – they must join first

Is OrchidRomance Legit?

The online world is full of scams in every sector of the economy, and the online dating industry is no exception. It is only natural that people will ask, “Is OrchidRomance a scam,” or, “Is OrchidRomance fake?”

We can honestly tell the readers of this OrchidRomance review, that this dating site is absolutely legitimate. And the evidence comes from our team member’s experience as a site member and the many positive OrchidRomance reviews from other users (more on that in a minute).

Beyond that, it’s important to note that scam sites have very loose policies and protocols that allow fraudsters and hackers. If anyone is worried about an OrchidRomance scam, they should read through the site policies. Here is a brief summary:

  • Terms and conditions: This is a legally binding agreement between any user and the company. All users must agree to pretty strict requirements before they join, including identity and a background free of criminal activity. The company reserves the right to require further identity verification if it suspects that a user may be misrepresenting themselves.
  • Privacy policy: In general, this explains what personal data you must present when joining and how that information is protected.
  • Anti-scam policy: Users are provided with valuable tips to avoid scammers who may have infiltrated the site and the methods for reporting any inappropriate conduct by other users.

Based upon all of these factors as well as OrchidRomance reviews by other users, we can conclude that OrchidRomance is a legitimate and reliable online dating service.

OrchidRomance Customer Reviews

Some success stories can be found on popular consumer review websites. Here are some OrchidRomance reviews:

From SiteJabber

PappaU B says: “I am enjoying the interaction with a few ladies but I’ve found one who feels a bit more special to my heart and soul already! I’m very excited so far.”

Mason S states: “OrchidRomance is undeniably a cool dating website that exceeds expectations in many aspects. As someone who has explored various online dating platforms, I was pleasantly surprised by the refreshing experience OrchidRomance offers.”

From TrustPilot

From Will Henry: “With only a few clicks, you can start communicating. Beautiful visuals on this website. It leaves you wanting more. I’ve already started texting some nice folks.”

Hugh Braun says: “I like the site a lot and think women in their 40s are amazing. Most seem to have been thru a divorce or death of their husband. They are mature and know what they want in life, in a partner, etc. And they communicate well.”

About the $

Is OrchidRomance free?

Some features are free – joining, posting a profile with photos, and accessing the newsfeed.

The credit structure

As already mentioned, OrchidRomance uses a credit system as opposed to a subscription. Some believe this is better because they pay as they go.

OrchidRomance credits work like this. For each communication used, there is a charge. For example, sending a message costs 2 credits. Users can purchase credit packages but can also buy credits a la carte for specific purposes, such as sending a gift. Package deals are as follows:

First 20 Credits $2.99 (introductory discount)

20 Credits $9.99

50 Credits $19.99

125 Credits $44.99

250 Credits $69.99

750 Credits $149.99

Credits can be used for any of the communication methods offered. OrchidRomance online communication can be effective when there is a natural progression – first messages, then live-streaming, then video chats, etc., as you get to know each other and mutually decide to move forward.

How It All Works

Getting registered

You begin by accessing the OrchidRomance site. Once there, you will see a signup form in the upper left of the homepage.  Here, you’ll provide your gender, your name, your birthdate, and your email address which will become your username. Then you create a password. This will be your OrchidRomance login every time you get on the site.

Once the form is submitted and your email address goes through the verification process, a short quiz will appear. The quiz gives you the opportunity to state what you are looking for. OrchidRomance uses this information to send you matches that align with those preferences. You will be able to see a photo and a bit of profile. 

You’ll also be able to access the FAQ section which will give you lots of information in a question-answer format.

Be sure to review the policies and protocols that are found at the bottom of the homepage. There are some “rules” about user behavior and responsibilities.

Create your profile

This may take a bit of time because you need to spark interest. Focus on the highlights of who you are right now – what you do for a living, your interests and hobbies, what you are looking for in a relationship, and so on. Here are some tips:

  • Add photos that are high-quality and show you in action. They are far more attention-grabbing than professional headshots.
  • Avoid vague and meaningless terms such as, “I like to travel” or “I love music.” These don’t say anything about you. Instead, say, “I like to travel and just returned from a vacation in Mexico,” or “I love music, especially pop from the 90s and (name an artist). 
  • Be honest and clear about what you want in a relationship. You will then attract women with the same intentions. 

Note: If you are struggling with your profile, get online and search for profile examples. You’ll find a bunch. Or you can check out other guys’ profiles on OrchidRomance.

What’s next?

You then select a few women you want to begin communicating with. At this point, you will purchase credits to start communicating with them. We suggest you send a “wink” and a short text message and wait for a reply.

Narrowing and choosing

Once you get a positive reply, you’re ready to move forward and choose additional ways to communicate. All along the way, you’ll be able to narrow your choices down and eventually find the one for you.

Once you do find the one, you’ll then exchange contact information and make arrangements to meet in person to confirm that you are right for each other. If so, it’s time to go through the OrchidRomance delete account process and begin your life journey together.

Women’s Profiles

You will be presented with women who match your preferences, and it’s up to you to choose those who are of the most interest. To give you an idea of the types of women on the site, here’s an example:


Study the profiles you are sent

Be sure to read the entire profile without just focusing on physical appearance. After all, if you’re looking for a life partner, you need to know if their values, interests, and goals are a match for yours. If they are not, move on. Don’t waste time and credits on just a pretty face.

Time For an OrchidRomance Final Wrap

If you have read through this OrchidRomance review, you now have all of the information you need to decide if the site is for you.

Here’s our wrap-up:  

  • OrchidRomance is a legitimate dating site for Western men looking for a serious relationship with an Asian woman.
  • Anyone worried about an OrchidRomance fake operation can lay those fears aside
  • The Asian women members are authentic and seriously looking for a long-term partnership.
  • The OrchidRomance site is well-designed and easy to navigate, even for those who are new to online dating
  • There are strict policies and protocols in place that govern user behavior and methods to report abuses.
  • Customer service is responsive, friendly, and professional
  • The OrchidRomance app download on mobile devices will bring up the website. The company is currently working on a mobile version.
  • OrchidRomance reviews from actual customers and from our own experience are positive.
  • There are many ways to communicate with selected matches, and these allow men and women to really get to know each other before taking that step for an IRL experience with each other.
  • The credit system and cost are well within the average range for similar international dating services. 

Overall, OrchidRomance gets a great rating from us, and we recommend that men looking for Asian women get on board.