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LA-Date – Your Source for Love?

LA-Date is an international dating platform, primarily serving Western men and Latin American women, although it is also open to Western women looking for Latin men. LA-Date is quite popular, considering there are over 360,000 members and over one million visits monthly. 

About LA-Date

Who is LA-Date for?

First and foremost, the platform is for singles who are looking for everything from just relaxing conversations to casual dating experiences, to long-term relationships, even marriage. LA-Date states that its purpose is to bring together singles of both sexes for communication, making connections, and ultimately real-life dates.

How to access LA-Date

The LA-Date app is available on all devices, including mobile. Thus, users can access the site around the clock from anywhere.

People can visit the site and navigate around. The design is sleek and uncluttered – all tabs are at the top – messaging, newsfeed, credits, mailbox, and profile settings.

LA-Date in a nutshell

Here are the key things to know about LA-Date as you consider joining:

  • Registration, setting up a profile, and using the search features are free
  • Most member profiles include photos, background information, hobbies and interests, and relationship goals.
  • Members can use the Newsfeed feature to search for profiles
  • Members can follow each other, send messages, and live chat
  • Private photos and videos can be shared with the purchase of credits
  • Users can send live streams and gifts to each other
  • New members get some free and discounted credits
  • The site has credit packages and a la carte credit for premium features
  • There is no subscription obligation. Users purchase credits for the features they choose to use.
  • Users can search and view profiles but cannot communicate until they purchase credits.

Pros and Cons

As with any dating service, there are good and not-so-good things to say. These pros and cons are based on LA-Date reviews from actual users of the LA-Date app and their experiences.


Most LA-Date reviews included these plusses:

  • The Newsfeed feature is pretty unique and lets users read posts from others, along with photos.
  • Efficient built-in chat feature
  • Video streaming lets users show themselves in action in various circumstances
  • Pay-as-you-go is better than a pricey subscription that cannot be canceled
  • Gift feature is a good one
  • All age groups can find connections
  • Customer service is responsive and fast
  • Female members join and use features for free – this is a big incentive for them to join – the more females, the greater the selection.


  • Some LA-Date reviews state that a subscription would be preferable because they have to keep track of their credits and watch so they don’t get too low.
  • No video chat feature is a common complaint
  • Some of the features are pretty pricey

Anyone who wants to read more detailed LA-Date reviews can access Sitejabber and Trustpilot where the overall ratings are well over 4 on a 5-point scale.  While you are at it, leave your own LA-Date review once you have experienced using the app.

Is LA-Date Legit?

In an online world cluttered with international dating scams, LA-Date is one of the “good guys.” And here’s why:

Verified identities

Users must submit personal identifying information, which is fully encrypted, so that the site administrators can verify that they are real people. Their system is designed to flag possible frauds so they can then request additional information. 

Published policies

On the LA-Date website, you will find a host of guidelines and policies to protect users and to ensure that everyone has a great experience. This is what legitimate dating sites do. Access the LA-Date website and read through them. Here is a brief synopsis.

  • Community Guidelines: This is found under the “information” tab at the bottom of every page. It outlines acceptable and unacceptable behavior of users and methods for reporting inappropriate behavior on the part of other users. The goal is to make the user experience pleasant, comfortable, and safe.

Under the “legal” section, you will find the following:

  • Privacy Policy: This outlines all of the measures the administrators take to protect your personal and financial information. LA-Date uses 128-bit encryption which is the highest level of security to date to protect your browser connection with the app as well as your behavior while on the app. The site has a support team that consistently monitors safety and security protocols. 
  • Terms of Use: This is a long legal document that you agree to when you register to become a user of LA-Date. You should probably review it because it outlines your obligations as well as the company’s.
  • Anti-Scam Policy: The LA-Date support team does everything it can to prevent fraudsters from setting up accounts. But no system is perfect, and you must be vigilant too, and report any suspicions to customer support. This document gives you things to watch out for and tips to avoid being scammed on its site as well as general use anytime you use the Internet to communicate with others.

In all, we can say that, based on our LA-Date review of its protocols, procedures, and policies, LA-Date is fully legitimate, and users should feel comfortable and safe connecting with others. 

LA-Date Customer Reviews

Many of the success stories can be found on two major LA-Date review sites -Sitejabber and Trustpilot, where the site has been given some great reviews by its users. Here are just a few of them:

From TrustPilot

Harper states: “It’s the best ever I’ve met the perfect person she’s the greatest girl I’ve ever met” 💖

James says: “The fact that it was made so easy to see all these beautiful ladies out there. But it seems I already found the one I was looking for maybe…”

JJ says: “She was nice and very kind. I just love her, she has a very sweet heart.”

From SiteJabber

Mikethelover states: So far the ones that I can talk to have been very nice. Very respectful that’s cool, and I’m gonna do the same thing. But they deserve 5 stars all of them.”

From JimmyV Q: “Very respectful, classy site. Also, the women are beautiful, professional, and have a lot of fun ideas, etc. etc.”

Nelio N says: “My experience is excellent I just met a new girl that’s very beautiful and pretty and she’s African-American and I love her hair very much so and I love her height she’s very tall and she seems like a comfortable person to be around all the time God bless thank you very much for helping me out with this chat line my first time bye and God bless.”

It’s obvious that there are users who are happy and making some great connections.

Is LA-Date Free?

Yes and no. Registration, setting up a profile, and searching is free. From that point forward, though, features and services are not free.

So let’s look at the costs involved.

The credit system

Rather than purchasing a subscription, LA-Date has a pay-as-you-go credit system. Users choose the features they want to use and purchase credits for that purpose.

Users need credits to reply to emails, send and receive chat messages, use stickers, view profile videos, share photos and videos in chat, and send virtual gifts.

LA-Date has credit packages as follows:

  • 20 credits = $9.99
  • 50 credits =$19.99
  • 125 credits = $44.99
  • 250 credits = $69.99
  • 750 credits = $149.99

All new users get 20 free credits upon registration plus an additional 10 after email confirmation. And they can purchase an additional 20 credits at the discounted price of $2.99. After that, regular rates apply.

The site clearly publishes how many credits are required for each feature. For example, live chat is 2 credits per minute, and it takes 10 credits to send photos in chat. There is a catalog for giving gifts.

When compared to other international dating sites that use credit structures, LA-Date is within the average price range.

How Does LA-Date Work?

It only takes a few minutes to set up an account on LA-Date and start searching for matches via filters or the Newsfeed. There’s also a feature titled “People” that works like a traditional dating site where users can swipe.


When you register, you provide some basic personal information – name, gender, birth date, and email address – and then create a username and password for your account.

You don’t have to create your profile to begin using the LA-Date app, but you’ll want to do it as soon as possible so other users can learn a little about you.

Create your profile

You will not be telling your life story on your profile, but you will want to highlight key things about yourself – what you do for a living, your interests and hobbies, and, of course, the type of relationship you are looking for. 

You may add as many photos as you want. Most users try to add “action” shots as they are participating in activities – these generate more interest on the part of those who access your profile. The average number of photos is between 5 – 10. LA-Date does not have any built-in photo editing, so that must be done before the pictures are uploaded.

Making contact

As already covered, there are multiple ways to communicate with other users. But the intuitive design of the platform allows users to switch between conversation methods on demand. There are also methods for keeping track of conversations with each person a user is communicating with. After all, no one wants to confuse what they have said to each person.

And once a user is interested in moving to the next level, they can set up private interactions that include photos and videos. 

Women profiles

The Community Guidelines are very clear about the language and photos that women may post on the LA-Date platform. And male users will find them to be a bit sexy perhaps, but definitely tasteful.

Here are a few examples:

Making contact on La Date

Why Choose LA-Date

If you have read through this review, you have probably concluded that we are pretty “sold” on LA-Date. Our reasons are numerous, but let’s summarize the highlights:

  • LA-Date has specific and stated goals – to allow users to connect with Latin American women and men (yes, women also look for great Latin American men) and to develop any type of relationship they want.
  • The platform is well-designed and user-friendly. It does not clutter the site with irrelevant stuff.
  • It serves all age groups
  • Its unique newsfeed feature allows users to review the posts of other members and to consider whom they might want to connect with.
  • The LA-Date reviews on major review sites are predominantly positive
  • The site has many policies and guidelines in place to ensure that users are legitimate and that everyone feels safe and comfortable using the site
  • Pricing for credits is reasonable in comparison with other international dating sites using a credit system
  • The site has the latest safety and security protocols in place
  • The Customer Support staff is both professional and responsive

A Final Word

LA-Date is an impressive online international dating platform. We believe that people who are interested in connecting with Latin American matches will find this site far more than just satisfactory. All of the features are designed to give users the best experience possible. 

Whether you simply want to chat “buddies,” a casual dating relationship, or are looking for something more serious, you will find plenty of members looking for the same thing.

We recommend LA-Date above other Latin American dating sites.