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LatinFeels Review – Can You Find Spicy Love Here?

Welcome to our review of Here we will provide the details you need to determine whether this is the dating platform for you as you search for Latin women to love. 

We took the following steps to ensure that this LatinFeels review is both accurate and thorough:

  • Explored The LatinFeels Website
  • Read LatinFeels Reviews
  • Reviewed Policy Pages
  • Interacted With Customer Support Agents 
  • Viewed Several LatinFeels Profiles

We put in the hard work so you can trust our recommendations.

About LatinFeels

Who is LatinFeels for?

Who uses LatinFeels and what will the average person get out of joining?

First, you don’t have to be Latinx to use this dating platform. Most of the men appear to be from America and other Western countries with a variety of ethnicities. Most women’s profiles that we encountered were from Spanish-speaking countries. However, there are no limits. Anyone can create a profile as a man or woman. LatinFeels brands itself as a cross-cultural dating service.

Why would someone choose LatinFeels over another, similar platform?

There are a few criteria that most men using LatinFeels tend to have. First, they are willing to navigate a long-distance relationship. Additionally, LatinFeels is really made for people who are seeking a lasting relationship. The credit system is ideal for people who want to pay for services and features as they use them. Finally, you should feel comfortable dating outside of your culture, race, or nationality.

Who shouldn’t choose LatinFeels?

Truthfully, LatinFeels is worth a try for almost anybody. However, the site isn’t really designed for casual, erotic hookups. It may also not be the site for you if you would prefer to purchase a premium membership rather than using a credit-based system.

The Women of LatinFeels

What kind of women are signing up at LatinFeels to enjoy cross-cultural relationships with men? There truly is a great variety here. This is what we discovered.

  • The age range is generally between 25 and 35. However, we have seen profiles of women who are 18 and women who are 55.
  • Most women are interested in marriage or long-term relationships
  • Almost every Latin nation is represented
  • There are a variety of hobbies and interests across women’s profiles
  • A large number of women here are educated and career-focused

Do they speak English? While some may be receiving help from online translators, many seem to speak and write English very well.

What is LatinFeels

The LatinFeels dating site is a global, online communication platform. According to our research, the target audience is men in Western countries interested in marriage and long-term relationships with Latin women. However, people do use LatinFeels for chat and casual romance too.

LatinFeels dating site features

The LatinFeels website is an international dating platform that includes several features that facilitate men’s efforts to meet Latin women for dating and marriage. These include:

  • Profile creation
  • Advanced search and filters
  • Chat
  • Messaging
  • Mail
  • Virtual gift Delivery
  • Newsfeed
  • User validation
  • Customer support
  • Content creator program

LatinFeels Pros

There are many benefits to using the LatinFeels dating site. We were impressed by:

  • Responsive and professional customer service
  • Number of women online at any given time
  • Variety of countries
  • Friendly and communicative women
  • Excellent age range (23-35 average)
  • Good prices
  • Great LatinFeels mobile compatibility

LatinFeels Cons

We were generally happy with this dating platform. However, we hope the company will address these small shortcomings to make this a truly amazing site.

  • Currently no LatinFeels app
  • All but the most basic features are premium

Is LatinFeels Legit?

We were unable to find any verified LatinFeels scam allegations. Instead, it appears as if the company and its staff are quite vigilant about protecting its users, and providing a means for people to report abusive or unethical behavior on the LatinFeels dating site.

There are several documents published on the website that detail the different policies and procedures put in place to ensure that all users are safe and detail what 

LatinFeels account verification

Every person who creates a LatinFeels login must verify their account. Additionally, there is a process for becoming a content creator on LatinFeels that is even more in-depth. These are the women who share content on the site’s newsfeed to show off their personalities and get their profiles in front of more people.

Terms of use

Anyone who creates a LatinFeels login should take the time to read this document. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of people using this platform. It also details what the rights and responsibilities are of LatinFeels, its staff, and its partners.

Payment and refund policy

If users choose to purchase credits for premium services they should know how payment processes work, and what their options are for requesting a refund. This is all detailed here.

Cookie policy

Like other dating and marriage platforms, this one uses cookies to provide a better user experience. Of course, you have the right to allow or deny these cookies. If you want to know how the LatinFeels mobile or desktop website uses these, check out this document.

Disclosures and disclaimers

The folks at LatinFeels want everyone who uses their site to have realistic expectations. The disclosures and disclaimers page provides information that helps new members understand what they should expect. 

LatinFeels customer wervice

Customer support is the first point of contact in the event that you have a question, complaint, or concern. Our interactions with the support team here were always satisfactory. We received quick answers to our inquiries. It’s clear customer service team members are well-trained and empowered to help people enjoy the best possible experience.

LatinFeels delete account

Every responsible, well-run website offers users an easy way to unsubscribe or otherwise end their association. There are two places to do this here. Users can use the delete account option from their account page. They may also unsubscribe to stop receiving any sort of communications from the site.

LatinFeels ethical summary

Our final verdict is that LatinFeels is legit. The company provides the services it advertises, they have protections in place to prevent scams, and their customer support team is helpful and responsive to complaints. Payments are made securely, using standard, online payment protocols. Both men and women should feel comfortable giving this site a test run.

LatinFeels Customer Reviews

We read dozens of LatinFeels dating site reviews. Once we were able to discern honest reviews from fraudulent ones. Here are a few examples of success stories (names changed for privacy purposes).

“I was so skeptical when I learned about this site where I could meet Latin women who were interested in getting to know a guy like me. But, I’m shy and thought this might be my best chance. So, I signed up at LatinFeels. In just a few minutes I had some great ladies interested in chatting with me. It was great fun, and really built up my confidence. Then I met Rosa, my soulmate. We chatted daily, and I’ve even met her in person. I can’t wait to go shopping for a ring!” – David D.

“As a Mexican American guy in the midwest, I can’t always find women from my culture to date. Those who are living here are very “Americanized”. Fortunately, LatinFeels is a great home for women who are Latin in every way, but interested in life in America. I’m not quite ready to settle down. But, I am meeting so many beautiful women.” – Orlando G.

Is LatinFeels Free?

Yes and no! You can create a profile for free, search for women, look at profiles and photos, and set filters for free. If you see a profile you like on the LatinFeels website, you can send a wink for free or say hello. 

However, if you want to communicate with women directly, you will have to purchase LatinFeels credits. These are used to pay for premium features like live chat or the ability to view private content.

There’s a LatinFeels free credit offer for new customers. You can also purchase 20 credits for a discounted rate of $2.99. This is normally $9.99 and comes with a lifetime profile boost. 

Many users keep a stock of credits on hand by using the automatic top-up feature. 

Here are the features and activities available when you use these credits:

  • Send virtual gifts
  • View profile videos
  • Use stickers in messages
  • Respond to mail
  • One-on-one chatting
  • Using media in chats

How Does LatinFeels Work?

Thanks to the site’s easy intuitive design, it’s easy to create a LatinFeels login and get started. We’ll focus on the experience men have on the site for the purposes of this LatinFeels review. Here are the steps you’ll take.

Create a profile

As with any mail-order bride platform, the first step is to create a profile. It took us just a few minutes to create our initial profile, and just a bit longer to add the details required to use the site effectively.

Contact information

You’ll start with your name, date of birth, email, phone, and location information.


When you complete your profile, you’ll receive a verification email. Once you click on that link, you are ready to start your journey on LatinFeels.

Perfecting your profile

We’ve learned that the most effective profiles have plenty of detail. You can add pictures, share information about yourself, and set criteria for the kind of women you’d like to meet. The more data you share the better, because this helps the recommendation engine curate profiles that are most compatible with yours.

Search and matchmaking

Once your profile is created, you can log into LatinFeels as often as you want. You’ll be brought to a screen that defaults to women who are online and who are recommended to you. You can check out these profiles or search. There are filters that you can use to drill down to some very specific criteria.

Communication options

This dating platform has many women from a variety of Latin and Hispanic nations. This includes Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil. Because of this, many men are able to find women to begin communicating with almost right away. When you are ready, you have several options. These are:

Send a message

Send a message to start a chat with someone you like. Also, if a woman has liked your profile, you can start messaging her right away.

Send mail

On this platform, mail is similar to an email. It’s structured like an email, and is meant for longer communications.

Say hi

Send a simple, conversation intro with just a simple click as you view a woman’s profile.

Send virtual gifts and flowers

Flirt a bit and make a connection by sending someone a virtual gift of some digital flowers.

Women Profiles

When you sign into LatinFeels, you’ll see profiles of women interested in meeting a guy like you. The default view is women currently online and recommended based on your preferences. You can change that view to all women, and profiles you’re already following, or you can open up a search. Each profile contains pictures along with interesting details about each woman. Here are some examples.

Why LatinFeels?

What’s the final verdict? Is LatinFeels for real? It is if you are interested in meeting women from Latin countries, for marriage or long-term relationships. It’s also worth checking out if you are looking for something a bit more casual. 

This one is a diamond in the rough. The Latinfeels website is easy to navigate. The process of creating an account couldn’t be easier. The site features make the process of finding the right person simple and enjoyable. There are plenty of amazing women who are ready to connect with Western guys. All of this comes at reasonable rates. 

Are there imperfections? Yes, but these are minor. There are also issues you will find with most platforms like this (e.g. a lack of LatinFeels dating apps). Nothing here is a red flag, nor should it stop you from checking out this Latin dating platform.

We say it’s free! Why not check it out today?